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Cigar 101: Cigar Etiquette – Cigars International

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And now it’s time for another Cigar 101: Cigar Etiquette.

There is a ton of information out there on “proper cigar etiquette”and quite frankly, most of it is ridiculous.

This is America! You paid for it…do whatever you like…within reason that is.

We’ve all heard the same nagging arguemnts: remove the band, don’t remove the band, don’t bite the cap, never light a cigar that is 2/3’s smoked, wait at least 15 min between cigars, only use a butane lighter, don’t dunk your cigar in whiskey or cognac – who really cares!

Unless you are trying to impress someone…that’s one thing. But truthfully anything goes!

You don’t let people tell you how to eat your sandwich cookies…do you?

When lighting a cigar: use matches, use a lighter, use a candle, use what ever gets the job done. As long as it’s no harm to you or others..then it’s a perfectly acceptable method.

The same rules apply for cutting a cigar. The standrard family of cutters work great, but in a pinch, there are a plethora of other options – biting, a pocket knife, I’ve even seen a guy use a ball point pen…though I wouldn’t reccommend it. Some methods may be messier than others but the end result is all the same.

And if you like to dunk your cigar in whiskey or cognac…who am I to tell you that is wrong. If you like the taste…dunk away my friend!.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t encourage blowing smoke in people’s faces, breaking laws or anything similar of the sort.

But if you’re within the realm of reason, throw out the pompous rules of etiquette and do what you like.

Cigars are for enjoyment! So stop worrying about whether you’re doing it right and just enjoy your cigars!


  1. why am I here, im 16 and don't smoke cigars. Im supposed to be studying how did I end up here

  2. Say Heah, Thanx You. I just stocked up on some Gurka Shaggies, Yeah, Great price. ,, .

  3. Finally someome that gets it, too many snobs out there that think if you dont do it their way then you aint shit. I use my zippo to light my cigars and i always have to listen to the idiots (some that have never smoked a cigar in there life) scream about how you HAVE to light it with a wooden match. Granted some of the more expensive ones i will light with a torch but it's my cigar and i'll do with it as i please 😛

  4. I like the etiquette it brings a certain amount of class to the hobby. but I am canadian we are a little more British snoby when it comes to the proper way to do things

  5. This video is so true, enjoy them however YOU want to.

  6. Well put. People can do as they wish with what they paid for. I do gotta say i cringe when i give someone a stick and they just roach it down tho. I note it so next time they get my "budget sticks" out of my… trash humidor. Always have a seperate humi for stuff you dont want to share!

  7. I light my cigar with a BBQ lighter. is that okay?

  8. ok but im sure we can all agree that if you blow smoke to another man's face it means you want to fuck them, that's pretty much written on stone. even for cigarette smokers.

  9. I'm the guy who used the ballpoint pen as a punch cutter

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