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Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel! I made this vlog so you guys could check out this super cool, creepy town called Bisbee. Plus you’ll get to meet my new car! Of course, I ended up reviewing the Vegas 5 Gold. Let me know you thoughts!

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  1. Thanks for visiting Bisbee and saying nice things!

  2. look out top gear lol erica is in the building

  3. love the car!ive got a cts too!mine is a 6 speed tho….and ive got a big ass dts on 20sbut my cts is my fav b/c its a sports car ofcourse!

  4. two things I thought I'd never hear in the same sentence …..cigars and breast augmentation

  5. Great video! I love it. Thank you for bringing us out on your journey.

  6. HI Erica,
    Great video. Thanks for the review. I will definitely look into the cigar

  7. Hi Erica love your videos hey can you do a review on the sweet Jane cigar / Fat bottom Betty / or Crazy Alice either one would be nice to hear a review from you thanks again Erica 😘

  8. good Job! There is a need for more women in the cigar industry. Nice ride by the way, I stopped smoking cigarettes but still smoke cigars.

  9. Erica thank you for doing a video in my home town. I grew up in B and it's always nice to see people appreciating the old town and all its attractions. I haven't been there in a couple of years and I always miss the place. And thanks for shooting the cigar review, I'm going to try the Vegas 5. And I really think it's cool that you shot the review in old Lowell. I spent a lot of my childhood running up and down that street that you filmed on. You are muy bonita and I'm definitely going to check out more of your videos.

  10. Nothing better than a good cigar, beautiful women and a hot car.

  11. Where are you from Erica? Do you live in AZ?

  12. wow what a great town! good job on the video!

  13. hey u should review more cigars

  14. hey u should review more cigars

  15. Hello Erica,
    My name is Dee and I am the founding president of Ash Hole Cigar Club, based in Ahwatukee, AZ. I really like your perspective about the cigar hobby and I would love to invite you to our cigar event Oct 1st.

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