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Cheyenne 100’s – Wild Cherry – Cigar Review

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Check out my other reviews! Cigars and Cigarette Reviews! Cheyenne 100’s Wild Cherry Cigar Review These cigars were decen…


  1. Can u review the Cheyenne sweet tip cigars?

  2. The paper you use to roll a blunt is just rolled tobacco leaf my friend

  3. +Gtbomb1 u sound fuckin stupid 

  4. RealcigReview: i have a pack of them if you pack them its a bigger it 

  5. u should do a review of the cheyenne peach cigars

  6. You should do a black and mild review 

  7. When I used to smoke Cheyanne cigars, I always got this weird chemical
    aftertaste. It had gotten so bad that I had to stop smoking them.

  8. Thanks bro!

  9. Weird never had a problem with the body on a cheyeene.

  10. cheaper then cigs 2.99 here was 2.50

  11. I would love if this was cheyanne original flavor review

  12. Yeah no filters on cigars in Canada because they don’t want younger kids
    picking up the addiction especially with flavores but still doesn’t make
    sense at all because I don’t think it will stop kids at all just more
    unhealthy of all the shit we inhale

  13. Yea I just order xotic berry flavor

  14. the paper is paper with tobbaco liquid called the mother liquor sprayed on
    there paper

  15. A couple things about these I’ve noticed: They don’t sell anything but 100s
    around here and they don’t pack at all. I’m actually so used to dragging on
    these that a normal cigarette’s weird to me. Tobacco seems a lot more
    expensive wherever you are. Cheyennes are $1.69 a pack and Santa Fes are
    $0.99 a pack.

  16. i looked it up and it says “These cigars typically consist of two main
    parts; the inner leaf, which is similar to a cigarette rolling paper,
    except it is made of tobacco, and a thicker outer leaf which is rolled
    around the inner leaf in a spiral. In most commercially available blunts,
    the “leaves” are not actual tobacco leaves but rather paper made from
    tobacco pulp.”

  17. I think you should do a review on the shity 305’s… For the people that
    are on a low budget….:)

  18. try the peach there great

  19. I have a review of the Pyramid 100’s up on my channel, but I agree it’s not
    a good cigarette at all. Thanks for watching

  20. Can you review Cherokee Cigarillos? Just the regular non-flavored ones.

  21. Great video and great detail and comparing

  22. 1.95 down in nc lol

  23. Another great review

  24. get a nail and poke a hole though the filter if its to hard to hit

  25. r u big and wide not being peek but want to know

  26. do some more swisher review

  27. Really weird!

  28. Do they sell those in all stores ?

  29. Dan man where i live at there 1.03 a pack including tax its like 9 a carton
    man. for the taste there great its saved me a hell of a lot of money and
    time on rolling my own stoges or just buying pack and the flavors great
    quality. great veviews man on the dot.

  30. lol, I have done my share of ass kicking. Those days are in the past now, I
    have chilled out extremely after having my kiddos!

  31. Right on! These are decent for the price!

  32. Thanks!

  33. i llove these cigars i like them with the long filter

  34. By any chance do you know why they make the filters longer?

  35. Blunt paper is just pressed tobacco

  36. I have not seen the Captain Blacks before, but I will keep my eye out! That
    is weird that Canada doesn’t want a filter on cigars! They plaster nasty
    and sick pictures all over the cigarettes and try to stop people from
    smoking, then they take the filters off? Don’t make much sense, but like
    any other government, they never make sense! lol

  37. Great review

  38. What exactly do you mean weak body? and what would you rate the nicotine
    buzz on these from 1 to 5?

  39. Can u make a vid of cheyene extreme menthols

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