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C&C Corojo Churchill Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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C&C Corojo Churchill Cigar Review This 7×50 stick features a dark brown rough, toothy dry feel like a paper bag, some medium veins, tight seams, double cap, …


  1. Finally been waiting for you to do this cigar for a long time!!!! thanks

  2. I havent seen the vid yet so I cant say that it’s good but I do know it
    will be 😀

  3. You must have put some kind of noise gate on the audio of your vid. Too
    bad…. I love the sound of rain

  4. The best time to smoke a cigar is when it rains. Feels relaxing

  5. Very good review, thanks for it.

  6. Veins in the leaf. If you have too many or they are too large, it can rip
    and/or burn poorly.

  7. 77.99 for a box of 18, 22.99 for a pack of 5. shipping is separate!!!
    search on famous smoke dot com

  8. Nice review. Can someone tell me how much it costs?

  9. Just ordered a robusto.

  10. Great review again!

  11. how long does it normally take you to toast it?

  12. Hey bryan, what are the veins on a cigar?

  13. Hey, I’ve been checking out your vids good stuff!! Being new to the cigar
    smoking world, I figure I’d ask someone with experience for a
    recommendation… Whats a relatively mild, smooth cigar with primarily a
    chocolate and coffee taste? These are the flavors I’m after. Cost is not
    particularly important as if it is something I enjoy, I’m willing to pay a
    little more. Thanks!!

  14. B&M just got this line in…very impressed with the C&C Maduro great flavor
    with an amazing price point!

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