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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Casa Miranda Chapter 2 Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Casa Miranda Chapter 2 Robusto Cigar Review This 4.5×50 stick features a dark tan wrapper with small veins, a few imperfections, tight invisible seams, tripl…


  1. Hey Bryan, when you smoke, do you like to do anything else along with the
    smoke or just sit there? 

  2. 80°F?! Jealous… We peaked at 5°F today. So dry, so cold, can’t smoke.
    Tried, but the stick cracked. Tossed a couple sticks in a dry box and I’ll
    try again, see if I can get a smoke sometime before summer… 

  3. People have different palates/those palates evolve over time that’s why you
    won’t ways get the same flavors as him. I’m a newb and rarely able to
    describe what I’m tasting lol

  4. First smoke looked awesome because of the sun in the background. Great
    review as always. 

  5. Asim Rai, I agree that Bryan is an asset and his honesty is refreshing;
    however, I disagree that he is “decipher(ing) flavor profiles.” I suppose
    every cigar does have a flavor profile but Bryan is just describing what
    those flavors and aromas remind him of. I frequently get different flavors
    than he does from the same cigars but doesn’t mean that I’m experiencing
    them incorrectly. Just a thought. 

  6. hope the sun wasnt too warm…its below zero here with like 2 feet of snow

  7. I have a feeling this was another case of the sun making the smoke look a
    lot thicker than it was

  8. Quick tip, if you blow the ashes off of your clothes instead of wiping with
    your hand they won’t smear. They will just go away. 

  9. You’re an asset to the cigar reviewing scene and becoming an authority for
    many with your honesty and excellent ability to decipher flavor profiles.
    Thanks Bryan

  10. Tons of smoke!

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