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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Thank You. Burley is not the bees knees and doesn't really do it for me either. For instance was just puffing on Mac Baren Golden Extra, and while the bag note and even the note from inside the bowl is nice, i can't seem to get any of those nuances to it what so ever.

  2. What a coincident … LOL. Did a Frog Morton review today and had a frog in the video. As a cohost so to say. Nice review about that classic OTC. Every once in a while I like the Carter Hall. Thanks for this nice video. Very cute kids and dog :-))) All the best. Greetings from Northern Germany. Björn

  3. Not a fan of burley blends either! awesome driveway and beautiful family brother!

  4. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of burley blends either… but that really goes for VA/burs or other savory burley blends… Carter hall on the other hand… I love. It's really well mannered easy to use to break in pipes, and just the right amount of sweetness to keep me interested.

  5. As far as OTC Codger blends go I prefer Velvet or Half & Half if I'm in the mood for a burly blend.

  6. IMO Carter Hall is the best tobacco to start with. Very smooth and easy to keep lit. Not mind blowing by no means, but a good introduction into good decent tobacco's. Again, just imo. haha Take care sir!

  7. I love Burley and Carter Hall never really did it for me either. Love your son's Blue Jay's hat. What a cutie!

  8. I was smoking some during your review. My first pouch of the stuff. I agree, it's sort of one dimensional, but if you give it a few tries, you might pick up on some sweetness and a wee bit of pepper. It's certainly easy to smoke as it doesn't require constant relighting and produces good smoke. Not a big deal, but a nice to have every now and again IMO. Take care, brother!

  9. never had it…. might have to try it for Heck sake

  10. Nice job on the review,  Ben. Carter Hall sure isn't anything to write home about or shout from the mountaintops

  11. Really like the Anse Ben.. Good Video my friend . Take care and God Bless. Oh Thanks for Sharing the 🐸. It's really cool that they wanted to be apart.

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