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Captain black red cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Hey guys ad gals ! Decided to make this review/Q&A video after getting a pack of captain black red cigars. Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to rate comment an…

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  1. As everyone can clearly see in this video I don’t care if I’m not supposed
    to inhale the smoke from a cigar, I do it any way.

  2. This is the second review that has the Captain Black red better than the
    gold. Good review and I think I’ll try some reds instead of the Pom Pom
    cigars I usually get. Keep the reviews coming dude. Thanks for the upload.

  3. Do you ever wrestle?with your friends nice smoking vid x

  4. could ya do more B&Ms?

  5. nope. they are a little lighter. but they burn slower.

  6. lol thats not how u light a captain, u light like its a blunt or a spliff

  7. 8:22 more awesome nose jets

  8. Nothing wrong with the video or review, no idea why people come here to say
    such stupid shit.. But I have one question — are you inhaling?? I don’t
    think you’re supposed to

  9. haven’t heard of them.

  10. 7:19 awesome nose jets

  11. Try the LFD ligero bro

  12. man that is a body to go shirtless with. Can you hold a theater seat down?
    What a wimpy little scrawny sick little dunce you are.

  13. thank you, and yes I am inhaling, you are not supposed to but its a habit
    for me.

  14. yes sir! only captain blacks I smoke

  15. Yupp!

  16. Ashton cigars aren’t available in my area..

  17. REQUEST: nose jets and dragons!!!

  18. Ontario, but none of the stores around here don’t sell ashton’s.

  19. just because there is a certain way of lighting something doesn’t mean
    that’s how everyone is going to do it. I light things the way I feel most

  20. How about la Flor’s?

  21. Hey guys! I couldn’t remember the pass word to this account so I made a new
    one. Yes there stronger than a honey T. I’m from Canada and i don’t care
    about if the way I light it is the wrong way or the right way.

  22. ill make sure to those in my next vide! thanks for the request! stay tuned
    and stay lit!

  23. are these ones cherry flavoured?

  24. where you from

  25. Where you live?>

  26. what I like more is thick nose jets!

  27. That’s not how you light a captain, light just like a cigarette. I’ve never
    lit mine that way

  28. Hahaha your fucking funny… NOT! Man I ain’t fucking sick, ever heard of
    having a high metabolism? Fucking troll. Unlike most people I actually
    exercise and get off my ass to make something with my life. And yah I can
    hold a theatre seat down, I could most likely hold your fat ass down as
    well, fucking punk ass bitch.

  29. ill have to take a look around see if the local cigar shop sells em

  30. just like I just said to CROOKEBODIAN, I don’t care! I light a cigar the
    way I feel most comfortable.

  31. Good reviews man ! Are they more stronger than the Honey T ?

  32. 6:08 awesome with some nose jets

  33. Thanks man! Keep posted for new vids! Stay lit!

  34. Dude step up your game and try and Ashton cigar.

  35. You don’t inhale cigars its soo bad for your lungs. You just taste it in
    your mouth.

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