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Captain Black Little Cigar Review – Caribbean Peach Rum – USA

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. hey man ever do a winchester review?

  2. Best Man ! 

  3. Giraffe

  4. I use those cuts to just remove the filter try it too

  5. How much did the pack caust

  6. Try reds they are nice

  7. are you inhaling in this video?

  8. So you inhale these?

  9. best fucking cigarettes

  10. He has done swisher sweets cigarillos, not little cigars.

  11. whistle at 5:02 🙂

  12. Yes! I had requested these under my old BigTank channel! I knew you would
    love these. Great body and definitely the best quality!

  13. gothamcigars com

  14. try a bullseye review!

  15. If you like PrimeTimes and Captain Blacks, you’ll LOVE Bullseyes. Also, try
    Colts Sweets!.


  17. Does is it makes smell like tobacco or makes your smell sweet

  18. Pure menthol can be in the form of crystals which are often used for
    aromatherapy as well as food an tobacco products.

  19. Why don’t you review rolling tobacco?

  20. Pretty damn good review as always!!

  21. Always great! Thanks Dan!

  22. How much are these

  23. Captain black has amazing pipe tobacco! Also dan, what’s your favorite
    american spirit blend

  24. Would love to see a review of those.

  25. now thats the only thing i notice -,-

  26. hey boss you should try and do a review of the marlboro blend 27, if you
    have the time

  27. Nice review Dan, as always. Congrats.

  28. look how tight DAT ASH is

  29. first BITCHES

  30. DAT ASH

  31. ya same thing with colts, and our prime times are unfiltered

  32. Have u done a montecristo cigar review

  33. Dan u have not done eny follow up vids. Can do the follow up vids plz ;+)

  34. Since you like prime times alot please do thier gold rush packs idk about
    all the flavors but i know theres vanilla

  35. you make smoking look good, it is I’m a smoker

  36. Good review 🙂 how much was the pack?

  37. its pronounced ‘Caribbean’

  38. Review swisher sweets little cigars

  39. I want captain jack brand.

  40. turned 18 a week ago and bought my first two little cigar packs and it cost
    me like 12 dollars so they are like a lil over 5 dollars i’d say

  41. These sound great right now lol

  42. So nice

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