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Captain Black! Friend or Foe?

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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I review Captain Black tobacco to see if this popular tobacco of the past has what it takes to satisfy the palate of today’s pipe smokers.

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  1. Nice to see someone else likes Capt. Black. Big fan of the Royal blend.Although I still try new blends, I don't know if you have tried Macbaren vanilla cream, cross between birthday cake and cotton candy, little sweet but out of nowhere was a smell of burning rubber, don't know if you ever experienced that but went right back to Capt black. I'm a new subscriber enjoy your video's CHEERS!!!!

  2. I have a tip for you if your interested. You said that you have some Captain Black Dark coming; it's a good blend but…. after you smoke your first bowel out of the pouch set some aside and get its humidity down to between 10- and 12 percent. At the lower humidity level something magic happens to it. It takes on an entirely new flavor character. Not an easy thing to do but worth it.

  3. I dig it, first tobacco I smoked actually. In a Dr. Grabow which I still have. Nothing wrong with it, good flavor. A tad moist though. Gramercy Park is my fav aro. Take care brother! ps, finally posted a video!

  4. So the funny thing about Capt Black is it is made by lane. RLP6 for instance is supposed to be a higher quality Capt Black regular, 1Q I think is Capt Black Royal. Most complaints you hear is that Capt Black has polypropylene on it so it will stay moist for years and years in some drugstore. I am not sure how it will age due to that. I'm with you though, I think it taste better!

  5. I always have one pouch of Captain Black Dark stashed away somewhere.

  6. I see your phone doesn't turn the picture back around. All the writing is backwards. 🙂 I got the original Captain Black Original for free. Did not like. Though I really don't like aromatics in general.

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