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CAO Sopranos Edition Boss Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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CAO Sopranos Edition Boss Cigar Review This 7×54 belicoso features a very dark brown extremely firm wrapper with an oily slightly toothy texture minimal vein…

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  1. Anyone know wer I can get good,well priced cigars in UK.been looking online
    but without success πŸ™

  2. I’ve been smoking cigars for a couple years but started getting serious
    about 6 months ago. I’m curious, what’s your favorite cigar? We’ll do
    three. Expensive, medium, and cheap. I appreciate the help and I enjoy your
    videos very much. Thank you.

  3. Actually, the reason he’s so “heavy handed” with the CAO line is because
    he’s brutally honest with every line, and CAO consistently fails to pass
    muster. Blame not our esteemed host, but rather, the crappy cigars that he
    is regretfully forced to pan time and time again.

  4. Tight draw? No flavor? Tony would not be pleased.

  5. Hey cigar obsession I wondering did you get the Gurkha ghost cigar.

  6. Thanks for the opinion (incorrect though it may be) πŸ™‚

  7. I also think the Sopranos cigars ain’t that good and way overpriced but
    he’s not completely wrong

  8. For a 20 dollar smoke, that is unacceptable performance.

  9. I smoked one 5 years ago and paid $18 for the same size you had there and I
    was like this taste like a big stick of nothin. lol I think its probably
    just for showing off but ya its a complete waste of money! For that money
    grab 3 CAO Brazillas that taste good and get a decent lil buzz going on.

  10. But you’ve criticized THE Soprano’s . Yer DEAD NOW πŸ™‚

  11. Lol looked like you wanted to throw it away.If I get a tight draw I push a
    wire through the middle and no probs.

  12. Looks like CAO spent more money on getting the Sopranos name rather than
    making a good stick.

  13. Thanks for save me money

  14. CI has them on sale because they’re discontinued. I know you didn’t like
    them, but I think they make a collectors item. $134 for the Boss shipped.

  15. The problem with cao it’s never consistent. They used to be really great
    cigars, brazil was the best., than started getting inconsistent. Some had
    great flavor, some had none. Some were badly rolled, some were great.
    Weird. Every since they sold the company, nothing but down hill. It really
    is a shame.

  16. Oh well crap on a stick thanks for catching that – yep I goofed the name –
    this is the boss! Thanks for the catch – fixed!

  17. I’ve recently taken a liking to cigars and I wanna know what kind is your

  18. Holy crap, I had one of these for a year, finally smoked it the 14 th,
    wondered if you reviewed it, and I checked. Its crazy to me, that
    coincidence. I smoked it with my friend. I loved mine to death, but my
    friend had the problems that you had.

  19. Sad to see such a high end stick have both construction issues and bland
    flavors. Thanks for saving me $

  20. LOL. Bryan is a a CAO hater. Most reviews are pretty objective, but there
    are a few brands that are given slack (Padron, Fuente) and others that are
    approached with heavy handed criticism (CAO). We all have biased opinions
    to some extent… but for the sake of full disclosure, it would be nice to
    hear him say, “I really don’t like CAOs”. FYI – I’m not trying to start
    fights or be rude. I really appreciate Bryan’s reviews. I just wanted to
    make an observation.

  21. What is the best cigar you have ever smoked? (in your opinion)

  22. The soldier size is 6x 54 and boss is 7x 56, so which one is it? I have 5
    cigars left of a box of CAO Boss’s I bought about 3yrs ago, and love em.
    Never had any of the problems I saw you have. It has always been flavorful,
    a spicy coffee taste, and great aroma that you get with Brazilian wrappers.
    Also when I purchased them, the box of 20 was 175. Not 20 a stick; shop

  23. lizard!!! i never had a cao yet but i read and heard the cao america and
    italiano is a great stick

  24. it would be great to see the prices, just to have a better idea on
    branding… great videos!!

  25. I’ve smoked about 20 sopranos robusto size (Associate) and the draw has
    been perfect on all with nice flavours. Tried the 6 x 60 and had the same
    trouble as this one – very tight draw all the way through. Just got a new
    shippment of “Associates” and draw is perfect. Must just be the larger ring
    sizes in this series.

  26. I don’t discount his “honesty”, but even “honest” opinions are subject to
    personal bias. Nobody on this planet is completely free from bias. Bryan,
    while a great reviewer, is human. And I would respect his opinion even more
    if he attempted to seek out and acknowledge some of those biases. The most
    subjective reviews I’ve found are from Blind Man’s Puff. They smoke and
    review un-banded cigars. Then they average the panel’s rating, never
    knowing what they actually smoked. Good stuff!

  27. I actually like when you give your opinion on whether or not you actually
    enjoyed a cigar. Granted usually the way you describe the flavor profiles
    is extremely helpful, its nice to know if you would buy or smoke a certain
    cigar again. Thanks for sharing.

  28. he also enjoyed the MX2. This is youtube, lol. There will always be the one
    guy with his professional “opinion” πŸ™‚

  29. Lizard @5:10 ! Thanks for the review boss man!

  30. I guess you missed his review of the CAO Brazilia. Skip to 6:20 to see how
    much he liked it.

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