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CAO MX2 Robusto Cigar Review by SmokingCigarGirl

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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Very peppery during the first two-thirds. Best enjoyed after a big meal in the afternoon or evening wi…



  1. Just had an MX3 a couple days ago. PHENOMENAL!!!

  2. BEWARE of the MX2 6″ cigar..horribly bitter for 1st 1/3..i cut off 11/4″ on
    my 2nd cigar and it was 1st experience was with 5″X52 and it was
    awesome..didnt want it to finish…bought the 6″and was disgusted in the beware of the 6″

  3. Wonderful! PS_I would like to rate it as “I like”.

  4. Another wonderfully reviewed cigar. A friend recommended a cigar to me:
    Tabak Especial Cafe con Leche … it’s coffee infused as a 5.5 x 54 cigar.
    If you find the time, maybe you could review this for the masses… would
    enjoy your take on it! Thanks! ☺

  5. Try reviewing Henry clay or maybe Cain Daytona. Great reviews, I really
    enjoys them. Keep it up!

  6. Great review, I was smoking one while watching your video. Great cigar, not
    as strong as I was expecting. Fantastic flavor from start to finish, a
    little spicy and fruity hints of pepper. GREAT CIGAR!

  7. Got a box of these mx2 thats been resting for few months now, and everytime
    i smoke them, i dont get the black pepper. What i get is a smooth cocoa
    almost like powdered cocoa in your mouth, with hints of mocha or coffee.
    Very well blended cigar and the only CAO i have enjoyed.

  8. awwww hello most wonderful Nada… i never had a CAO in my whole life.. but
    wow, after your great review i really want one … i will keep my eyes open
    if i can find some here in germany… thank you so much and happy smokey
    weekend my friend Stef ;-)==~~~

  9. i would love to here your thoughts on the ashton vsg and the diamond crown
    maximus great review on the cao thanks

  10. @28750XXX Could be most anywhere in Florida, I lived in a house in S Fl
    that had a view similar to that. Although, sadly, no smokingcigargirl. Good
    review, helpful in buying decision on new smokes.

  11. this is a great cigar i love the maduros it is stronger though smoke after
    a good meal lol

  12. Very well dome, very informative and good explanations, plus you look great
    with a cigar, well done

  13. The first one of these I had was with some hot chocolate on a very cold
    February morning after shoveling snow. The cocoa impressions went very well
    with the drink.

  14. I smoked this cigar at my local cigar shop with Tim Ozgener when he use to
    own CAO Cigars. I did a cigar tasting of the LX2 with him as well at my
    shop. Got to smoke all three of the puros and then the actual LX2, got his
    signature as well on the cigar box given to us that held the 3 puros and
    actual LX2. Pretty cool that I got to smoke with him before he left CAO and
    I was only 18 at the time.

  15. looks good = )

  16. Always enjoy your cigar reviews.

  17. Nada, Thanks for the review. I tried one of those in the ‘dagger’ shape and
    it just about knocked me out it was so strong! Maybe I just got ahold of a
    strong batch. Great review as always! Cheers, Kevin

  18. Hi Nada..I’d enjoyed all of your reviewa so far very much, they are
    refreshing, almost “sexy”. Keep up your good work and appeal.. By the way,
    a quick toast of the foot always works for me. And a nice pairing beer for
    maduros is (my personal dicovery) Foster’s ale. Cheers from. Erik

  19. I get the same taste as you from this cigar, i review it on my channel and
    get the same taste you describe. Maybe the other cigars i’ve smoked and
    liked you would like. just a thought. dont have many up yet but i puttin
    them up daily pretty much as i smoke daily

  20. Great review as always!!!!!! Ive seen this Cigar everywhere and have been
    skeptical about it but after seeing you review it I will give it a try!!

  21. btw, would love to see your review on a CAO Vision Prana 🙂

  22. Hello Nada, thanks for the great review. I’l be smoking one of these in a
    couple of weeks. Cheers!

  23. Well done. You are very knowledgeable about cigars. You are also a very
    beautiful and classy lady. Keep up the good reviews.

  24. wow…… which part on earth r u on?? Amazon forest? u live in a tree
    house? the view’s wonderful !!! lucky u!

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