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CAO Gold Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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CAO Gold Robusto Cigar Review This 5×50 stick offers a medium tan soft wrapper with a fairly firm pack, small veins and good tight seams with a double cap. T…

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  1. makes you feel woozy

  2. I also like that I didn’t get any next day ashtray mouth with this cigar.

  3. Do you think this would be a good first cigar?

  4. I aged one for about year (improperly mind you…) but found it to be much
    smoother than the box of 20 I recently purchased. They were also different
    sizes, which could have had an impact as well.

  5. why

  6. New tiki torches!!!! Who-eee!!

  7. Great smoke for new cigar smokers… I received this and a few others
    (Padrons etc) and this was my favorite..

  8. Love the evolution of your hair. Now you are going for the fluffy look.
    Possibly some haircolor? Great reviews too.

  9. mine had a very tight draw..still a good stick tho

  10. This was my second cigar after a Cohiba Siglo I. Pretty good from what I

  11. i honestly dont think this is that great of a cigar

  12. Just had the Gold Maduro Robusto today. Delicious!

  13. its fucks up your brain after a while

  14. I put cough syrup on my cigars

  15. I got one of these waiting for me! I’m really excited for it now.

  16. dude your hair is awesome lol

  17. could you do a review for the cao gold maduro?

  18. the fence needs a whitewash looks like

  19. Amazing stick in Churchill. I did the same thing as well. It was in my humi
    for almost a year. Glad I know now. I would give this to a beginner but
    keep it a secret from my experienced friends so only I know how amazing
    this is for developed palates. Keep it burning cool.

  20. You smoke so many cigars, do you have a favorite or a go to cigar you
    always reach for??

  21. OR…it was raining! lol

  22. IMHO it was… 🙂 loved it…

  23. See the list on the site 🙂

  24. Almost ash´ish .-)

  25. Like your new Torches

  26. This was the first CAO cigar I tried and I liked it a lot. Coming over from
    only smoking pipes it was a great starter cigar. Nice consistant flavor for
    the most part, and a fairly mild tone to it. Burned really well. Definitely
    would reccommend it to beginners.

  27. Like your new Torches

  28. The CAO Gold Robusto is my “Go To” cigar. If not that, I also like the CAO
    GOL! As with all cigars, heat control is key. Keep them cool and they smoke
    sweet. If you’re sucking on it like you’ve just been poisoned and it has
    the antidote in it, it will go bitter every time!

  29. i thought this cigar was too light also it might be great for beginners. im
    also not a big fan of CAO just not my taste. i see you got new torches any
    reviews on those ; )

  30. Its a great medium body cigar, I got a hint of milk chocolate in the one I
    tried too, recommended!

  31. @bdkid16 yes

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