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CAO Flathead V660 Carb cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Cao Flathead v660 carb cigar review

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  1. tatum your husband who I assume is the cameraman, does he smoke cigars like yourself or is he a non smoker who you blast out.

  2. Nice review. It's one I want to try. Cool video

  3. More of a dark chocolate smell. And a coco taste

  4. If you really liked this one, a 7 x 70 should be on your list!!

  5. glad you liked this stick, made a comment about it on your cao moontrance review, hope that's why you tried it. great reviews

  6. Cigar Obsession is my favorite channel that does cigar reviews,

  7. Please do a review on the Drew Estate Sweet Jane. One of my favorite tasting cigars.

  8. Thanks for the review. I almost bought one today maybe tomorrow I will pick one up and give it whirl

  9. Amazing review. Great vibe on this channel. Your doin a great job!

  10. I always hit the LIKE button before watching it, cause I know its gonna be a great review. :)))

  11. Great review! I have several V642s in my humidor waiting to be smoked. I hope I don't have burn issues with mine, however due to smaller ring gauge, I don't anticipate it. CAO seems to put out some quality cigars, like the Avo Syncro line.

  12. Whats your health like? Ive always wanted to try a cigar but the cancer and heart disease really get to me

  13. Tatum does your husband smoke cigars? and do you smoke when you go out in public?

  14. I have an idea…. perhaps a review at a new location like a lake, beach or maybe a park. Love the reviews. Keep me coming!

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