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CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft Cigar Review This 5.5×54 stick features a box-pressed very dark almost black mottled wrapper with an oily satin finish, soft squis…

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  1. Hole Punch is best for Box Press i.e Java which my wife spokes, we learned
    best process and less damage 

  2. Is it safe to assume the box press was conceived to prevent the cigar from
    rolling away if you have a ramped surface to set it down on?

  3. All CAO’s I’ve had since the acquisition have suffered. Such a shame.

  4. I’ve been smoking cigars for only four months, but out of the 10 or 15
    CAO’s I’ve had, at least half have had wrapper or cap problems and the the
    other half have suffered from overly tight draws or lack of flavour and
    body. Brazilias (box pressed, go figure) have been the only sticks from CAO
    that have been enjoyable.

  5. You got SHAFTed on CAM on that one.

  6. Some if my favorite cigars are box pressed…padron anniversary series, LA
    herencia core, and prensado come to mind…also personally the box pressed
    tempus out does the standard to me..something about a box pressed cigar
    appeals to me…

  7. I think CAO has many cigars that bring great value to the table. America,
    Brazilla, Criollo, Gold and Italia are all super smokes.

  8. Bryan you are most definitely allowed to say…wow this cigar sucks. You
    looked like you wanted too. Lol great video.

  9. in 2 years I haven’t had a CAO that the wrapper didn’t crack or split.
    their wrappers are tissue paper thin. I’ve given up on them. QC and quality
    tobacco are not their strong suit.

  10. It’s a Xikar EX

  11. The only thing I like about this cigar from the review is the band

  12. Bryan – On boxed pressed cigars like this one, I always punch them rather
    than cut then I don’t have that shoulder problem you did in the beginning.

  13. very Nice review keep up With the good job 🙂

  14. Bryan do you think using a punch would help the construction problems?

  15. Another hyped gimmick cigar .Wish they would spend more money on blends and
    less on marketing. A good cigar will sell itself.

  16. Why don’t you use a Xikar X8 cutter on these large box-pressed cigars to
    prevent the cap problems?

  17. Box pressing comes all the way back from back when Cuban cigars were king
    in the US, especially with some of the more value priced cigars. A smaller
    flatter box, I suppose, meant you could get more boxes on a pallet (if they
    used pallets back then) so round cigars would be placed in a smaller box
    and the lid crammed down on them. The box itself would eventually leave the
    cigar with a squared shape the same way a cigar press leaves the bunched
    and bound leaves round in the manufacturing process.

  18. cigars can vary per stick.

  19. mmm chemical taste

  20. great review Bryan!

  21. Time to invent a box-pressed cutter.

  22. not that you should be told how to cut a cigar, but according to the rep I
    spoke with 2 weeks ago, it is recommended that these be punched to avoid
    the cap/shoulder issues. just an fyi for anyone else that may want to try
    this one.

  23. looking slim bud good work….

  24. It’s crazy that you and Tim Rollins did the same cigar but when Tim Rollins
    smoked it he didn’t have that chemical taste that’s weird

  25. Mostly like a chemical taste…very bitter. Sounds like a cheap stick shoot

  26. Usually with box pressed I punch them you should try punching them

  27. Very good review, as always….but I agree with one of the preceding
    sentiments, namely, that CAO cigars tend to generally, well, suck. Along
    with one other, they’re a brand that I’ve given up on. All of the
    occasional great flavors simply can’t make up for bad ones being the norm
    and severe quality issues. Someone once said, there’s too many good cigars
    out there to waste time with a bad one…..

  28. Alec Bradley claims that box pressed cigars burn slower and longer than
    round cigars, but I think that’s a load.

  29. Lighter looks great, what is it?

  30. I know you’ve got a drew estates Kentucky fire cure. When’s that video
    coming? I’m patiently waiting please be soon lol

  31. Hey Bryan love your vids I think I’ve watched about every one of you cigar
    reviews. I never smoked a cigar before but I want to try it to see if it
    would be something I’d like doing. I wanted to ask what is your advice for
    me for picking out my first cigar? What to look for in a cigar, what brand
    I should get, and maybe what was your first cigar you smoked? Great reviews
    keep it up.

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