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Can you save a “smoked” cigar for the next day?

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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
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crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana

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  1. I may smoke later but not the next day.

  2. Hey Bradley!
    Thanks for te tip!
    Its easy and cheap.
    I am from Brazil, and wanna now if you smoke Brazilians cigars some time. We have excellent brands, like Monte Pascoal, Dona Flor, Dannemann and others.
    Bye and thanks again!

  3. Hey Bradley my name is Dillon I'm 19 years old and from the state of Indiana basically I'm trying to try my very first cigar and I was curious if I can order a single cigar from your website

  4. Hi Bradley do u disguise boxes that are international as anything other than cigars to avoid taxes I hope u do 🙏🏻

  5. Thanks for posting this. I'm a Law Enforcement Officer. There's nothing like riding around on night shift & smoking a cigar. But, I can't tell you how many I've tossed because a call came in half way through the stick. probably throw a mason jar in my unit instead of a zip lock just in case it doesn't go all the way out in time though.

  6. It's never the same after you light it up

  7. spark and commit, all the way through

  8. Depends on the cigar really .I've done this to many cigars ,noticed Bradley is smoking a high quality cigar like Roma Craft that will taste decent after a day or too,cigars from 3 to 5 dollar range will taste more bland days later.

  9. I have always saved my partials for the next day. I'm not a cheap ass, but it's literally throwing 5+ dollars in the trash if you chuck your half smoked sticks. For guys like myself, that smoke 1-2 sticks a day, that $ would add up extremely quickly. Cigar purist or not, there's no reason to be stupid.

  10. You should do an episode on how to not be a "Chooch" when it comes to cigars and selecting a cigar

  11. Nice lighter!!!! What brand Bradley?

  12. Thanks for the video buddy , keep going ❤️

  13. I have heard that saving and re lighting changes or ruins the flavors. Am I wrong?

  14. I haven't tried this yet. they do sell a cigar ,"saver" that is a tight little aluminum tube . I bought one but I only use it to transport my dailys . Lol

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