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Can Christians Smoke Cigars? (f. Southern Draw Cigars)

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The goal of this video is not to proselytize you, but to answer a question we get a lot. Also, we’re smoking Southern Draw Cigars tonight, which you can find on sale at

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  1. Hoping my Southern Draw sticks are in the mailbox when I get home!!

  2. What denomination are you Tim?

  3. Thank you for this video that you have made about cigars and the Bible, I thought you just a funny guy, but you do have a serious side too, I hope you great success

  4. I think that as long as it dose not become an addiction and dose not afect the financial good of your family than its fine. if it improves your quality of life than its fine .

    To quote charels Hadden spurgeon , I intend to smoke a good cigar to the glory of God before I go to bed to-night.

  5. I love this topic. I have had the best spiritual conversations with people over cigar.

  6. Pastor, how was that Jacob's Ladder? I have been wanting to try one but I hear that they are really strong. PS, thank you for your biblical wisdom and insights..

  7. Spot on! Everything stated here is biblically based. My Pastor frequently quotes C.S. Lewis in his sermons. Props to you all for posing that question! Not an easy one by any means.

  8. Great video, guys! Lots of great points!

  9. John Fitzgerald Kennedy famous cigar smoker and Catholic

  10. Lol tim isint latin just see theres christians of all types then you have us jesuits.our whole teachings and mass is in latin and we are taught it at jesuit school now thats devotion il tell you.

  11. If smoking cigars is bad so is drinking a soda but nobody talks about that.!.

  12. Oh man, another stick to try! Dangit I just ordered earlier this week lol! Here's another great article about this topic written by Joe Thorn EDIT: corrected the link, the original link went to the 4th part which was specifically referencing Spurgeon, but the whole article is a great read.

  13. I really enjoyed this conversation, I'm not personally a religious man but I agree with a lot of your points. I did want to ask you a question in regards to this, xould not the same be said for marijuana as long as you're within a legal state?

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