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Can A $4 Cigar Be Good? | Obsidian Black Cigar Review by LeeMack912

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Can a $4 cigar be worth smoking? Created by Abe Flores, Obsidian Black features Brazilian Habano Ligero wrapper over Dominican & Nicaraguan fillers. LeeMack912 smokes and reviews.

From the makers of Pinar del Rio comes Obsidian, featuring Cuban-seed long leaves from Nicaragua and the Dominican masked by a creamy, dark, and super oily Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper.

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Obsidian’s debut will not go unnoticed. It dares to be different, and in doing so, sets a new standard among premium handmades. The size listing is stacked – a slew of big-ring vitolas, figurados, and more. The blend is dark, meaty, and enticing, delivering a wealth of dense tobacco flavor in an unconventional format. Packed in chunky, Spanish cedar boxes, Obsidian’s most remarkable trait is the price. Premium quality and memorable flavor, all for a fee that’s most similar to an ordinary yard ‘gar. Literally, they would be a bargain at twice the price.

Check out Obsidian’s resume:
– a rich, densely flavorful blend
– plenty of power, but a notable smoothness
– a specially tailored lineup of artisanal sizes
– prices starting at just $2.49 per stick

Obsidian employs a dark, oily Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper overtop a bold blend of Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican, secured inside a spicy Criollo ’98 binder. The result is a densely rich and chewy blend, loaded with complex notes of espresso, pepper, earth, toast, and cream. Full-bodied, but extremely smooth and balanced, Obsidian is thoroughly satisfying.

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  1. I got a PDR tour 10 stick sampler and I thought I got a bad bunch because they have that mildew smell "damp basement lol"….. So I'm guessing that's not mildew, just that type of baccy? I love the late hour by Davidoff… Can't afford them tho ha ha

  2. I started smoking these a few years ago, they get much better with age. They're always in my humidor. Great review.

  3. Hold that light so I can see!!! Hahaha… my dad said that to me all the time as well.

  4. Thanks was considering these! Subbed

  5. Watching this makes me happy from the inside

  6. This guy would be a blast to hang out with

  7. Have you got to smoke that baez I sent you. That's another great budget stick for under five dollars.

  8. ever try nat Sherman cigars? they're my go to easy smokes and some places I can get them for 5$

  9. I agree with you about this cigar. I usually pair mine with a good strong cup of coffee- it seems to bring out more flavors.

  10. I just got a 5 pack of these about a month ago I'm still undecided got a CPL more to smoke going to give it some rest but I think it's very dark flavor but not full strength so far

  11. Good review love budget sticks don't feel bad when I can't finish and have to let it go by the way u should receive package in a week or 2

  12. Great video how's life treating you leemack912

  13. Had one when I first started with cigars, didn't like it. However fast forward now with a little bit of knowledge of the cigar world, 4 years later, didn't rest it more then a week and I am sure my early humidor set ups were garbage. Ordered a 5 pack to give it another go. Thanks for another great review as well as a little bit of personal reflection as always.

  14. Great review. I smoked the Obsidian white Label and it tasted like cardboard and started to unravel. Was afraid to try the rest of their line since they are all pretty cheap. Might have to give that one a try. 👍

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