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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Camacho Select Super Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Camacho Select Super Robusto Cigar Review This 5.75×52 stick features a butter soft dark tan wrapper with a fine sandpaper like tooth, minimal veins, tight i…



  1. Hey Brian, have you ever considered rating your cigars on a 1-10 scale on
    the reviews?

  2. I really enjoy smoking a cigar that is difficult for me to hold onto
    because there’s no more room for my fingers. When a cigar gets very hot and
    harsh less than a third of the way in I feel I didn’t get my values worth.

  3. I’m just throwing this out there and it may seem irrelevant, but do you
    ever worry about developing oral cancer? I’ve always wondered lol.

  4. Hi Brian, Can you tell me which brand of cigar cutter you are using in your
    videos? Many thanks

  5. I believe it’s the cuban crafters perfect cutter.

  6. It’s a Prometheus Magma T lighter. Bryan did a review a few days back. You
    should check it out. It seems like a great lighter and don’t shy away
    because of the price IMO.

  7. I love your reviews man, it’s thanks to you that I have begun a very long
    love story with cigars a couple of months ago (my personal fav so far is
    Romeo y Julieta #2). Do you mind telling us what kind of lighter you are
    using here? I’m sorry to pester if you have already have answered that
    question before.

  8. Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

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