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Camacho Corojo Churchill Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Camacho Corojo Churchill Cigar Review This 7×48 stick features a dark brown very oily, soft and slightly toothy wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible s…


  1. You should give it a try in the petit maduro. Difference is night and day
    (IMO), I will send one to you if you’d like, not for review just personal

  2. hi Bryan im looking for a cigar to smoke with my dad on my 18th birthday. I
    don’t know anything about cigars so im looking for someone with experience
    to help me find the perfect cigar to smoke with my dad. thanks ahead of

  3. I’m just like you I can’t hang with the big dog cigars cause it knocks me
    on my butt. Do I win a cigar for being the first to view and comment? Lol
    kidding!! I’m looking forward to smoking your “favorites” cigar list that
    you have posted on your website!

  4. I went to my tobacco shop today and the guy recommended a 7(i think) by 70!
    Yes 70! I remembered what you said and shot him down pretty quick.

  5. Palma is a brand, not a thing. PG solution (propylene glycol/anti-freeze)
    is NEVER on a cigar, it’s toxic. It’s only for crappy foam block
    humidification devices to keep them (the foam) from developing mold. If you
    get PG on a cigar toss it.

  6. I completely agree. I got a cream/vanilla flavor, I guess you could call it
    caramel too, with a hint of citrus. To me it was a pretty strong cigar, but
    with excellent flavor and aroma.

  7. Try the robusto size the monarca, I think it’s called. That one seems to
    get the spice much quicker, I got nutmeg too and even cinnamon in the
    robusto size. This one seems like the perfect Golf course cigar no touch
    ups and won’t put me on my ass by the 5th hole.

  8. Had this one on the golf course about a month ago… super lame, boring,
    and mild stick. Never again. Wish I had have watched this review before I
    picked it up.

  9. I prefer a complex cigar also. Did you get this Camacho Corojo for FREE???
    I know the Camacho website was giving away 10,000 cigars to the first
    customers to respond, i was late even though I caught the ad the 1st day i
    got my Cigar Aficionado magazine.

  10. I got one of these for free and have yet to try it! It’s smaller, but it
    seems to be a nice smelling cigar.

  11. I’ve tried a few sizes of this cigar and I prefer the robusto size the
    best. I think it has the best flavors

  12. Definitely a cigar I gotta try, great review!

  13. wow really? I swear the ones I smoked were more than just straight tobacco
    flavored. Middle third really had a caramel taste and the last third was
    really peppery. mabye its just me.

  14. Are all cigars now made with PG or soaked in it to keep them fresh? I have
    seen this thing called palma in cheap cigars and is that just not flavoring
    or is it actually a term used with high end cigars without PG?

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