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Camacho Connecticut cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Camacho Connecticut robusto cigar review

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  1. Is she just listing every known cigar note she can think of? Lol..
    Toasty, creamy, lemon, kinda chocolaty, very bitter, but sweet, roasted. But now it’s spice, and bready.. sort of grilled chicken, lemon pepper, cardamom, creamy salmon. Vinegar, roasted, coffee, spice. Lolololol.. I swear this video had to of been a spoof right?

  2. I just had a Camacho Connecticut this evening. This and the Camacho Criollo are my favorites, with a Corojo coming in a close third.

  3. Are there any dudes on this channel? I wanna see a boyfriend or know how she got into cigars. Never thought a girly girl would be into cigars… Alex Jones probably has a theory. Lmao

  4. Love this channel great if you are looking for a new cigar

  5. I also felt the buzz in the last third. The Camacho Triple Madura will give you a buzz from start to finish!! Great review!

  6. I like to see some hight end cigar . And great job like always

  7. As usual, excellent review Tatum! I enjoy the Camacho line very much. They tend to be well constructed as you alluded to. My favorites from this line are the Nicaraguan and the American Barrel-Aged.

  8. Try the camacho blue one, very exotic fruits flavor 👍🏻

  9. Thank you Tatum I will try this great review!

  10. This review was on point Tatum! Perfectly described everything I like about this stick. The Force is strong in this reviewer! 💪😉

  11. Not much for the Connecticut cigars but I like this one, lots of flavor and has a nice spice to it. Your review is right on target. Great morning smoke with coffee. Going to try the box pressed version next.

  12. Just when I thought there was no dancing in this one!!🤣

  13. I've tried this one but found it to be very dry and bitter, not at all how you experienced it. mine had no smoothness and mostly a harsh leathery taste with pepper, lots of it. won't smoke one again. where I live it costs $ 19! not worth it in my opinion.

  14. I'm more of a medium cigar guy with the Oliva V really being my type of cigar, but this is one of my favorite Connecticut sticks! It is a go to mild cigar that still packs a lot of flavor along with the My Father Connecticut, and Montecristo classic!

  15. Good review Tatum! I have not tried that one. If you can I would like your thoughts on the Liga Privada T52. Good Day!

  16. Great review! Makes me want to go out and get one now. I liked the triple Maduro that was a good smoke too. I'm quickly becoming a fan of the Camacho line.

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