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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cain Nub Maduro Cigar Review by SmokingCigarGirl

Posted by in Cigar Review

Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Spicy flavors, a lingering sweetness and earthly notes on the front of the palate. Good cigar but some burn and as…


  1. Enjoyed the very nice review; and your hair being down! ☺

  2. Just curious, why do you disable ratings for your videos? They are always
    very good reviews.

  3. wow you know your stuff i like that, thanks for the video

  4. @smokingcigargirl I like much of your work. I know…I know you normally do
    reviews on higher priced cigars. I was wondering if you could and thats a
    BIG IF you could review the Blenders Gold Premuim singles and also the
    maduro in the box/tube that’s available at walgreens. Im asking this on
    behalf of those you cant get to cigar shops as much as they would like to
    also for those who dont own a humidor. I think those are a great $5 cigars
    and I think you would really enjoy them. Thanks nada.

  5. I would luv for you to reveiw Man O` War Armada & Liga Privada No 9, these
    are some of my favorite cigars, and would like to know, what you would pair
    them with.

  6. I’ve been excited to try this one!

  7. That was a NICE lighter. If I may ask, I grew up in Florida –
    Sanibel/Captiva and later lived in Tampa. Where are you?

  8. Thank you for the review, the Cains are my favorite sticks…

  9. When smoking a cigar, are you supposed to inhale or not? I no nothing about
    cigars so forgive my ignorance.

  10. You look sexier with hair down.


  12. No, you’re not supposed to inhale when smoking a cigar.

  13. I love this cigar. I also smoke Cain 660 Maduros. I’ve notice in one of
    your videos that you are a Hokie. I am too.

  14. is that 44?

  15. Awesome vid hottie. I wish I could give your vid a thumbs up 🙂 Keep up the
    great work.

  16. I’ve been wanting to try a NUB. About time I did I think.

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