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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cafe Creme Little Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Nice video man, but can you tell me what is the best tasting flavor of cafe
    creme? (original, mild , etc) I’m planning to order some online and i dont
    know which one to buy, thanks!

  2. They stay strong and cheap like mud.

  3. These things are gross and strong I’ve tried them

  4. Thanks! It doesn’t matter, I review cigarettes form different countries.
    And I want keep my person private so those people from Green Peace couldn’t
    kill me 😀

  5. It’s his own opinion on them mate.

  6. Only if you don’t like strong cigars. Check out my review on Cafe Creme
    Blue little cigars, they are much lighter!

  7. I do some research now and I’m going to post list of approved stores on my
    website. It will be there soon.

  8. Sorry if I broke your world view. I don’t think I copied someone, I just
    review cigs. Sholdn’t I say “fire it up”? And what do you think about
    RealCigReviewS? Three guys who started cigarettes reviews two years before
    Dan. Life is tough, dude.

  9. Thanks!

  10. I haven’t them but if I get them I will review

  11. Nice video man, good job!

  12. Keep up the good work. Great video!

  13. Thanks a lot! Stayed tuned for more reviews.

  14. ur very good where are you from i like ur accent

  15. Your welcome

  16. Do u review from canada cigarettes

  17. i dont know maybe not but i could give 99% you are copying from
    RealCigReview. dan channel. fire it up the smell total copy

  18. I smelled thease in a shop and it smelles wonderful i hope there good

  19. where can i buy little cigars online? i live in Canada. thanks

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