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Buying Your First Humidor / Mistakes For You To Avoid

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Whats up guys im not an expert on cigars but i am a newbie cigar smoker trying to help out another new cigar smoker out. Here are the links of the products i said in the video

Humidification :

Cigar Storage :



  1. I am starting my cigar collection though about winador option, worried about reliability

  2. Awesome video. Great info. I'm also a newbie to this game. I went through the same thing as you. So far I have found a few things that helped me.
    First, Bovia Humi packs I've used for a couple years before I started with cigars. I have found that they generally are under the actually printed humidity rating. So I use 75% all the time now. On average I get 68-72. Even with the lid/door open for a few minutes, it will quickly jump back to 70%.
    Second, D'addario, these guys make guitar stuff like strings and picks. They also make a battery powered humidity gauge that updates to an app on your phone. It's made for acoustic guitar cases. With built-in GPS and shock recording, though we don't need that. They are under $100 and I've seen them on eBay for $50!
    Third, Craigslist. If you live near a large city or not, it's worth a shot. Here in L.A.'s craigslist, I found a major Cooled Humidor manufacturer blowing out old models. I actually just got a 400+ cooled Humidor for 1/4 the cost as it was on Amazon from there. I should have bought more of these and sold them. lol. But look around. I was about to spend the same amount on a non-cooled 150+ standard humidor.

  3. hi man! nice vid!
    so i have some question..
    I just started out this cigar collecting hobby myself and i live in Indonesia, where the temperature is around 25-33 degrees Celsius (77F – 91F), with the RH of 90%.
    Right now i'm having the same dilemma like you did i suppose. About buying a new Humidor and setting it all up, but also worried about the temperature for storage. You said to get an airtight container which i think a great idea and might start with that, but im wondering will the cigar placed in the Airtight container will protect the cigar even in 77F? The coolest i can get in my house is probably around 75 Degrees Fahrenheit. What would you suggest?

  4. Awesome video man , helped me out a lot

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