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Box Pressed VS Round Cigar Review (ft. Medulla Oblongata)

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In cigars there’s an age old argument about which is better – a round (Parejo) or Box-Pressed cigar? In this video we’ll look at the Medulla Oblongata from Asylum 13, which is the same blend in both round and box-pressed vitolas. Lets see how different they really are.

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  1. what lighter are you using?

  2. This should be named box cancer and round cancer

  3. One thing , not only, i got from this review is i should start smoking 2 cigars at a time. I can enjoy more without the dreaded hot boxing shituation I remember from when I first got into cigars. LOL

    but seriously, great idea. I always thought the reviews of boxed pressed and traditional were like comparing apples to oranges. Of course, nothing about cogsr reviews are purely objective as we all have different preferences and pallates. Great vid as always brother.

  4. It's like pasta. Same ingredients that taste different in different shapes. Angel hair taste different than linguine even though it's the same stuff.

  5. Awesome original review👌🏽

  6. Tim you are right i have smoked both not at the same time. But i also got two different flavors. Great review Thankyou. I like a box press cigar better.

  7. SAN CRISTOBAL REVELATION CIGAR has both I like the box pressed.

  8. So you guy's mainly smoke cigars for the taste ? ND meditation?

  9. Interesting test Tim. My morning smoke is a Java maduro (box press) and there's something satisfying about the shape. If there was a parejo version available cheaper I probably wouldn't opt for it. Not sure what it is but I consider the box press shape to be part of the overall smoking experience. Thanks for the interesting video.

  10. Another great video😊✌️

  11. Great video. Ive always liked the box pressed cigars because of the draw and flavor (plus its a interesting conversation piece lol) but im definitely going to try this out. Very interested on seeing the difference on them. Thanks for another great video.

  12. Do how do you score a cigar? Is it based on one cigar or multiple? Being handrolled products one would think there could be inconsistencies possibly? Sorry probably a painfully noob question…

  13. Tim you are a real American you always leave excellent information for us to go research about our hobby. Thank you!!!

  14. Let's talk about the v cut for a second. I have a v cutter that does not make a clean v cut. It's a no name I got off Amazon. Am i doing something wrong or is it just a pos?

  15. Great video. I really need to get the Cigars Daily Review Journal. I think a personal rating system is very important to finding ones’ perfect cigar. I tend to forget the little things like the burn difference etc. This is a great cigar to do this video on. Good stuff.

  16. “If you had a million dollars, what would you do?”
    “Smoke two cigars at the same time.”

  17. I have had burn issues with several box pressed cigars ( not the Rebellion of course) I always thought it was pressed to tightly was the reason. Great video Tim. Go Cigars Daily Nation.

  18. Again, whatever is in my hand at the time is what I prefer.

  19. Box pressed wins every time. The more rectangular the better, especially box-pressed bellicosos…

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