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Box Pressed Rebellion Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Adding this to my "MUST TRY" list. 😎

  2. I definitely like an attractive band….however it is not a point deduction for me, especially if perhaps it influences the cost? Great review!

  3. I like the decal on the wrapper but wish it were a band. Today is international chess day so the video was very appropriate.

  4. Hey, Tim, where can I find that lighter? It's rad as hell.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try this one sounds really good and right up my alley I may like😊❤️ love the price and taste of your cigars haven’t had one yet that I haven’t liked

  6. I've been waiting for this review. I am going to take advantage of this offer. Thank you and keep it up!

  7. Tim awesome video keep it going I set a goal for myself to try every single cigar you come out with and every single cigar at Cigars Daily!😁 thank you for being so honest about your cigars and treating us like family you guys are the best!

  8. What brand is the lighter????

  9. Nice review Tim. Have a great day.

  10. Hey bud, do you happen to have an app for your cigars

  11. Ive only smoked one of the four I ordered so far and I freaking loved it. What I noticed right off the bat was the construction. Tight and almost invisible seams, very smooth and oily, actually had a bit of a satin look to it. The box press had a bit of a rounded profile on one side but more defined on the other so it almost looked like a bar of chocolate. The pre-light was a bit of cocoa and straight up barnyard – sweet hay and manure – and that’s not at all a bad thing, it smelled absolutely wonderful. The cold draw was a lot of the same cocoa and hay, and a bit of leather. The flavors through the smoke for me were chocolate, leather, sweet cream, cedar, and just a hint of baking spice. It was almost dessert-like but with a real earthiness. I had some of the same problems with the burn, had to touch it up a few times. But aside from that it was a very enjoyable smoke.

  12. I have to say I love this stix! I will say it again, if a Le Careme and an Undercrown Maduro had a child it’s name would be Box Pressed Rebellion. 😂 As always great content and a great family company to support!

  13. Great video! Any tips for a person who is just getting into cigars? Do’s and Dont’s? Keep up the great work!

  14. Very good cigar, smoke it as a budget! NEEDS A BAND

  15. Box pressed rebellion is a great cigar I really enjoy it… Hey Tim wanted to ask you a few questions what’s your take on cigar of the month clubs? Would you recommend them and if so which? Also have you considered starting one?

  16. I've never tried one. i'll have to do so. Looks good

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