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Boveda Acrylic Cigar Humidor Review: Checking Out Boveda’s Transparent Cigar Storage Solution

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In this video, Paul Anthony & Charles-Philippe take a look at Boveda’s acrylic humidors. Watch this review to learn the pros and cons of Boveda’s humidors and whether they may be an interesting addition to your storage solutions.

Small Boveda Acrylic Humidor:
Large Boveda Acrylic Humidor:

Boveda 60-gram Humidity Packs (Box of 12):
Digital Hygrometer:
Boveda Smart Sensor & Calibration Kit:

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Boveda Acrylic Cigar Humidor Review:

Boveda’s acrylic humidors come in two sizes. The small ones can store 12 to 20 cigars whilst he larger model can store 75 cigars. However, this depends on the sizes of your cigars.

The most convenient aspect of these humidors is that they are designed to store Boveda’s packs. Both sizes have a slotted plate under which you can simply place them to keep your cigars humid.

One of the strongest benefits of Boveda’s smaller humidors is that you can create a specific microclimate for different types of cigars. For instance, Cuban cigars tend to fare better in slightly drier 65% RH compared to other cigars that are best kept in 69%.

Therefore, if you have a small stock of Cubans, you can dedicate a humidor just for them as Paul has done.

Given their shape, the smaller humidors are ideal for stacking in a cupboard or desk for a more compact solution too. For instance, Paul keeps his in a closet at the office.

However, being clear acrylic, you may want to avoid keeping them out under direct sunlight for too long.

Prolonged exposure under UV-light can eventually bleach cigar wrappers and alter the smoking experience. Furthermore, you may experience a small greenhouse effect whereby the humidors will take in light and build up heat inside.

Therefore, these are best stored in a dark and cool place until the occasion arrises.

Nevertheless, the humidors make for great presentation pieces when you have guests as they will be able to admire the contents and even choose before opening.

Even the smallest Boveda humidor leaves enough space for a hygrometer such as their in-house smart sensor. The clear plastic means that you can also read the humidity without opening them.

A slight inconvenience of the smaller humidors is that they are too small for an entire box of cigars. They can store a maximum of 20 robustos, which is just about a box. However, larger vitolas will require several humidors.

In order to create a good seal, the lids feature small magnets, which ensure that they stay in place and don’t move around. This is featured on both the large and small models.

What we really liked about the large humidor is that there are handles on the inner try that allow you to easily pull out the cigars.

This makes it easy to replace the packs or even distribute cigars when you have multiple guests.

The separators are secured by even slots down the humidor and are very well made.

The size of the larger humidor is quite convenient with a width long enough for even double corona vitolas.

The only drawback is that the top is slightly domed, which means that they can’t be stack and easily stored inside a closest.

However, given that the larger model is designed for display, it’s offer a more aesthetic design.

Furthermore, being made out of acrylic, this means that the humidor doesn’t require seasoning. However, it may have a slight plastic odour when first purchased.

Nevertheless, this dissipates quite quickly if left open for a day or two.

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Boveda Acrylic Cigar Humidor Review: Checking Out Boveda’s Transparent Cigar Storage Solution:

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  1. Good review and good points on this product. At $200 for a 75 count, there are definitely better options out there.

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