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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Another great review. I'll definitely be adding this to my cellar.

  2. Great vid Liner. Thanks a lot.

  3. I've been smoking a pipe sence I was twenty years old and I've never tried this blend before I've always heard negative views on it so I never tried it and I never will thanks for the review buddy happy smokes ☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍👍 best regards Peter

  4. Good God Tade, are you a masochist smoking that crap. You must be a brave man I couldn't smoke that stuff for free. To say it's bloody awful is an understatement. I'm just enjoying some GL Pease  Maltese Falcon in a meer, aren't you just jealous, anyway, happy smokes,   Kev              Borkum  Riff  eeaawww

  5. Yes Can't argue,this is one of those horrible blends out there along with Capitan black an Q1
    Try Sail Yellow and Amphoras-yet Dunhill Standard Mixture,,and now have a great weekend there,till the next time,greets, Paul

  6. Are there no bounds to which you will go for this community. You are a brave man, and thank you for reminding me why I've never smoked Borkum Riff. LOL

  7. The old Borkum Riff TV commercials were great. Some uber handsome guy would be coming home (or sailing on his boat) to his equally uber beautiful lady. She would fill his pipe and have it ready for his arrival. He would come through the door and she would immediately place the pipe in his jaw, strike a match and put fire to the bowl. He would puff contentedly, smiling; all while some stirring music filled the background.  What a lucky guy he was! Maybe Borkum Riff is the reason I started smoking a pipe!

  8. Borkum Riff… one of the worst tobacco brands on the planet!

  9. I have an uncle by marriage, not a Czech, who smoked Borkum Riff Whiskey in Dr Grabows for more than fifty years.
    This was a bad review. Any decent review should start with the packaging. The ship is really beautiful! No tobacco has a boat that even comes close. You could look for years and years and still not find any pipe tobacco blend with such a magnificent sailing vessel. Sure, you'll see barges and steamers and skiffs, but face it, only Borkum Riff has that phenominal three masted schooner sailing right into your heart. Sure, you may think that you want a fox or a slav lady on your tin, but face it, all the other mascots pale in comparison to a wood sailer. Think of the planking, the masts, and the hull! Why, every time I see that ship, I can't help but just LOOK at that GRAIN!!!

  10. borkum riff is one of my favorite tobaccos to dump on the ground.

  11. The BR Whiskey. Still physically, mentally and emotionally scarred.

  12. I bet if you mixed it with granger it would taste better

  13. That bed head hair, thanks for the review!

  14. Why do you keep it? Pack-rat much? I'd dump that junk in the trash. It doesn't even deserve that much respect. Wow!

  15. Ive never had the pleasure. Sounds like i dodged a bullet.

  16. When I first started pipe smoking, a friend's dad was a die hard Borkum Riff smoker. He insisted I have a smoke with him. It was the first and last time I smoked it. Just awful stuff.

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