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Bolivar Libertador Cuban Cigar Review LCDH Release from 2013 Bolivar Cigar Unboxing

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Bolivar Libertador Cuban Cigar Unboxing
Taking a look at some rather young cigars and checking out the aging potential of them
The Bolivar Libertador is an LCDH (La Casa Del Habano) Exclusive released in 2013. The factory name for this toro-sized cigar is Sublimes 54 x 164 (6.5″) It has the large Bolivar band C, with La Casa del Habano second band. The packaging is a Semi Boite Nature Box of 10 cigars.

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  1. I have these with just over a year on them and they are smoking great.

  2. I'm sure all of my cigars would taste much better in years to come, but if I keep them for the future I'll Have nothing to smoke now.

  3. I heard Punch also age very well.

  4. Rhys v-cuts these days btw 💨💨

  5. Great review! I just received some of them, will have to check dates, might be a year younger! Now I'm really excited to try them, but they need some rest after traveling 🙁. As you know I'm just starting this journey and really appreciate your reviews, succinct, and spot on.

  6. Nice review. I also agree that these will benefit from aging. That tends to be the case with Bolivar and Partagas too I think.

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