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BLUF cigar leather smoke in gloves

Posted by in Other Cigar Videos

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Finally did a gar video! Perhaps not the greatest; need to practice more!

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  1. You gotta show some skinnnnn

  2. As for wanting perfectly-fitting leather clothing: be careful what you wish for….. When living in London, all young and "gym built" as much as I could (far, far, FAR from perfect, believe me) I had myself measured and tailored for a complete, beautiful outfit of leather everything. Problem is, I cannot ever let up on my training to keep myself that exact size – no potato, no bread, no beer, no carb can be ingested, My leathers still fit, but it means 6 miles a day walking, an hour lifting, and no fun eating.

  3. This is a masterpiece! Only real men inhale cigar smoke and you are one of them. William Tell and Robin Hood were the heros of the past, todays hero are you. The world would be poorer without YOU!

  4. love seeing that thick thing in your mouth

  5. Just awesome m8 , so sexy , if you decide to sell your leather hoodie lol !!!! 😘

  6. You look very handsome in your gear!

  7. Instant favorite! Damn, it was well worth the wait!

  8. Very hot Sir and it would be nice to see your boots as well.

  9. Langlitz or not, you're sexy by the same!!!!

  10. Now THAT'S what I've been waiting to see. Thank you!

  11. Great vids! Are you a smoke fetisher?

  12. agree with all other comments, everything perfect in this vid – but the cigar inhales beat everything, combined with your BLUF-gear!!!

  13. SO hot fella – perfect – but I share your opinion about gars and fags – love fags much more

  14. Ja, hallo mein Freund. Das mit der cigar gefällt mr sehr. Dich so in Leder zu sehen find ch extrem geil. Fehlt nur noch der Lederhut, Sonnenbrille und Lederjacke. Ich bin ja so verliebt in dich.

  15. OMG!! Fuckin Hot Man!!! Thanks for this amazing video!!!

  16. Sent you the message the other day via youtube. Let me know if you've seen it. Great video 🙂

  17. Really GREAT ! Thanks for this fantastic made-me-cum-and-it-will-do-again video, man!

  18. OMG you inhale it like a Marlboro Light, amazing!!!

  19. Oh PerfectoLad, with these videos you are really spoiling us 🙂

  20. So pleased you done a cigar video.wish i could contact u on facebook.send me a private message if u can.

  21. Mate may not be the most freshest cigar out of the box but you so good smoking one.

  22. You've so got it right fella. Love ya!

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