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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Blanco Nine Lancero Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Blanco Nine Lancero Cigar Review This 7×38 stick features a dark chocolate lumpy satin textured wrapper with a firm pack, minimal veins, tight invisible seam…

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  1. there is a odd high pitched wail in ths background of your vids right now
    bryan. Noticed in the last one too. Might just be crickets but I don’t
    know. haha

  2. I need some powerhouse sticks. I’ll look into that one you mentioned.

  3. Love your reviews

  4. Im watching the videos more than once now for the cigar review and to see
    if theres any critters on the fence like at 1:43 lol

  5. Personally, I’ve smoked the Padilla Miami Lancero, and I like them. And
    you’re right; they’re hard to find, even from where I am in Portlandia. I’m
    surprised you, in New York, have a hard time finding them like I do, but I
    have a B&M that kindly gets them in for me. I’ll definitely try the Blanco
    Nine Lancero, though.

  6. the cicadas are out this year they come around every 3 years and they make
    that noise

  7. As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! And I support
    this site. ~M~

  8. Does anyone have any recommendations for cigars with a honey-like taste and
    aroma? I’ve had one in the past and it was great but can’t remember the
    name at all. It was a small two pack cigarillo but there’s probably some
    full bodied versions of it somewhere.

  9. Blanco Nine Lancero.

  10. So what’s the new name? Sounds like a cigar that I’d like to try.

  11. Nevermind it stopped at like 1:00…

  12. So freaking jealous! I’ve had one 9 and it was amazing. Very memorable

  13. Brian don’t do a cigar that you know will make you feel awful.

  14. You should try the Nat Sherman Timeless line, had one tonight and its
    amazing. Would love to hear what you think! Also I’m so happy I’m
    subscribed to this channel, makes me try new things! Thanks!!!

  15. Great

  16. Backwoods honey flavored is the best honey flavored smoke i have found. ive
    tried every different type of cigarillo i can find and a few cigars that
    had honey flavor, but the backwoods are by far the best.

  17. One of my favorite Lancero is the Padilla Miami Lancero, was wondering have
    you ever had the luck of stumbling upon one?, over here in New York there
    rare to find, and what do you think of the cigar if you have smoked one

  18. are you ever afraid you’ll run out of cigars to review?

  19. Love that shirt you have on Bryan. Very sharp.

  20. Love your videos bryan!!!! Very helpful

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