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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Black & Mild Wine with Wooden Tip – Cigar Review

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  1. $ 1.81 in Maryland 

  2. I would definitely smoke some prime times peach flavoured though

  3. I dident like these at all.

  4. .79 cents here in Missouri

  5. 89 cents in AZ

  6. I just bought a pack today i smoked one a while ago. How often should you
    smoke them?

  7. ¢60 in GA

  8. weird how people actually watch videos of dudes smoking cigarettes in their
    cars and talking about it is it like a fetish thing or am i missing

  9. Ha mine are 69 cents 

  10. I might sound stupid but you don’t inhale into your lungs with cigars
    right? You just draw the smoke into your mouth?

  11. 69 cents in SC

  12. 4 for 99¢ in buffalo 

  13. $1.75 in nyc. 

  14. Im smokin one right now they r good

  15. if i only could have one last smoke it would be this. i personally inhale
    them everytime i smoke it.

  16. 2 cents in kenya

  17. this guy is definitely descriptive haha kudos

  18. 69 cents where im at

  19. I smoked these when I first started smoking and still enjoy them. I think
    they’re a damn fine cigarillo for the price

  20. 1$ in jersey

  21. Plastic tip is better

  22. next review, “How I got lung/inner nose cancer”

  23. $1.49 in Montana 

  24. such horrible cigar

  25. 99¢

  26. Ur supposed to inhale its nt a regular cuban cigar that you puff on

  27. $0.79 Virginia ( before taxes )

  28. I live in pa and I get these for 69 cents and by far one of my favorite
    cigarillos. Just bought a 5 for $4.09

  29. By the way the wooden tips are flavored

  30. Damn they’re 69¢ in NC

  31. EXACTLY the info i needed. thanks man

  32. Ya I’ve heard that from another Aussie bloke, he pays 19 bucks for a pack
    of red marbs. Friggin insane, can’t believe they can get away with that.
    It’s like federally regulated robbery, the greed of this world never ceases
    to amaze.

  33. 75 cents in Colorado 5.50 for five of em I just tried one not bad haha
    great review! Thanks dude

  34. you’re not supposed to inhale cigars like you inhale cigarettes and weed

  35. black n mild wine wood tip, favorite thing to smoke so far that ive found,
    but hey maybe something else will jump out at me

  36. 49 cents in Cali

  37. 25 cents in Louisiana

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