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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Black & Mild Apple Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. If you freak in first it is a lot better. 

  2. Smoking one right now, not too bad. I like the smell more than taste,
    honestly. The smell was good when I took it out for me, in the box of them.
    7/10 imo.

  3. These are nasty! I regret buying 5 of these

  4. You should get a shirt that says “not to bad”

  5. Nah, just some free music from a disc I bought with sound effects.

  6. I thought these were pretty decent did numb my mouth quite a bit whats
    funny is the discription and tags dissapeared and the category says
    “gaming” lol funny

  7. Also, I’ll add…After about half way through, I’m not tasting much apple
    any more, mostly just tobacco. But the tobacco isn’t too bad.

  8. I’ll second that. I would like to see this gentleman review a handmade
    cigar. But if he likes flavored sticks, Maybe try an ACID by Drew Estate?
    Perhaps the Kuba Kuba? (I’m not a fan of “infused” sticks myself, but he
    might enjoy them)

  9. apple is just BULLSHIT

  10. ya im watching it now and it was only posted a couple days haha

  11. I’ve had these before. Not bad, but the Apple flavor is barely there.

  12. Hey Dan! Just picked up a black and mild apple and just finished it about
    10 minutes ago. I was not too impressed. Tastes very similar to the regular
    black and mild to me in my opinion.. maybe a little tart like you said. The
    smell is definitely better than the taste.

  13. pretty close to my comparison. I described it to someone as an apple being
    dropped in the dirt..

  14. Great review!!! when you get a chance could you do camel filters or lucky
    strike unfiltered!!! stay lit

  15. Hey, I was looking around and he actually reviewed a Perdomo Patriarch in
    Robusto Check it out, its awesome! lol

  16. Same here lol

  17. wasnt really impressed with the apple. daisspointment

  18. Quality review Dan, shame about the cigar, stay lit

  19. been inhaling burnt applejacks lately? lololol

  20. subscribed

  21. Try the black & Mild Vanilla.

  22. these ones seem alot more harsh to me then the other ones

  23. From The Devil’s Rejects?

  24. You look like captain spalding I LOVE CAPTAIN SPALDING

  25. Great review man!!

  26. i cant find the apple black and milds anywhere in my area

  27. best black and mild

  28. I like Black and Milds

  29. Awesome! Thanks!

  30. You should try garcia again lol

  31. I’m not actually a smoker, but I enjoy watching you smoking and talking
    about cigars haha 😀

  32. I know it’s funny those guys at apple enjoy to put the letter “i” on
    everything. Oh be careful they may sue Intel for calling their processors
    i7 :)))))

  33. i had an apple bam and i could barely taste it, definitely not a fan of the
    apple flavor

  34. hahaha me too!!!

  35. Lucky Strikes!!!!


  37. Hey Dan could u do more black and milds for us please your awesome dude

  38. dan, you make me so jealous. i wish i could buy these here in nyc but our
    dictator oops i mean MAYOR banned the good stuff. on a related note i would
    pay people to mail me some. real offer…

  39. when you gon smoke some weed bro get in da game split a swisher and put
    some weed in there and then ill be happy

  40. Im fascinated by your cigar reviews, even though im not a smoker! <3

  41. what is the best thing youve ever smoked

  42. try toasting

  43. Is that Goldberg’s entrence music??

  44. Love the vids man

  45. your retarded.. go die

  46. Apple Jack cereal set on fire XD I love that little smile you did when you
    said that 🙂

  47. Thats so awesome! Thanks for watching!

  48. Another great review Dan. Just wondering if you finish the cigars after the
    review is over with?

  49. you do know they dont have fsc in them

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