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Black Friday Cigar Survival Kit!!!

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Black Friday Survival Pack


crookedbeardaz – Bradley
pretty.n.inkaz – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana

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  1. Hey Bradley and Dana, when you previewed the Moontrance Bourbon small cigars I immediately ordered some and they are awesome! Very interesting flavor, and a nice size. And it looks like you guys signed the tin! Thanks!

  2. Hey Bradley and Dana, what are your favorite music bands?;)

  3. Also when. Is your "grab a gar" back in stock

  4. I ordered your mr.brownstone special 2 days ago. So pumped to try them out

  5. No idea why I’m watching this at 2 am I don’t even smoke cigars lol

  6. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  7. I remember seeing a young guy in town carrying a huge bag of cat food. Nothing else, just a really big bag of cat food in his hand – walking across the street. I remember thinking "someone probably asked him to buy cat food and that's exactly what he did" – he didn't get bread or milk or anything extra that could be useful or help later, he got that exact thing he needed and got out ASAP. That's man shopping right there.

  8. Today I smoked my first cigar a The Griffin's Classic Robusto by Davidoff but I didn't taste very much, i hoped for more flavour… Of course it's a really Light not very complex cigar but still i imagined tasting more flavour. Maybe I should go for something stronger next… Does anyone have suggestions ?

  9. So I've never really shopped on black friday. Is it basically like the Royal Rumble?

  10. God damn I wished I could have bought that Black Friday kit…sadly you don't send to sweden haha, great video anyhow!

  11. I went to Walmart to watch 2 grown men beat the hell out of each other for a toaster oven

  12. Man I don’t even smoke cigars that often but working there is the dream job.

  13. Bradley, with your love for the midwest are you going to review Crowned Heads Buckeye Land? I havent gotten my hands on one yet but as a Buckeye I cant wait to try one

  14. Sadly i dont smoke Cigars… i am just here to have a good time 🙂

  15. I go out in the late afternoon and pick through the wreckage after everyone's gone.

  16. Every black friday my local B&M puts a Special on its also located next to a huge mall fun to talk to all the guys we dont normally see in the lounge its became my Black Friday thing to do 😎

  17. I pretty much work all the holidays so no black friday for me.

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