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Bic Lighter Hack (Removing Child Safety Lock)

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Just sharing an easy mod that most people already do anyway, it makes striking the wheel more comfortable and easy…


  1. Thanks for this tutorial. I never even considered taking it off xD I’m
    sitting outside now and was able to remove it just using my Czech tool. 

  2. It also makes it easier to light while high…

  3. Why couldnt you just take the cap off take the safety off and put the cap
    back on?

  4. Likewise, very simple and helpful video

  5. I’m also one of those dudes

  6. You don’t give children lighters! You give children matches!

  7. Smart kid can play lighter

  8. Hmm, I usually just get the tooth of a fork and stick it under the middle
    safety piece and just pull hard and it comes out, no bending involved

  9. What are u doing Jeff lol you don’t have to pry it and lift the tabs at
    all. just pull up on the side that goes into the actual lighter first then
    it comes right out from under the tabs without bending them. I actually
    used to do it this way till I figured out how to do it without tools on

  10. I do this with a key, and it takes 3-5 secs, just put your key/tool under
    the spring tab thingy, pry up, and pull out, and push the poking tabs back
    down! done.

  11. My birthday is dec29 to you got my in to pipes BTW I have a hard time
    lighting my bowl any tips 

  12. only jeff can make a 7 minute video about a 2 second process

  13. omg Jeff film fishing and story time

  14. i always do this with my keys, even easier.

  15. I was that dude thanks! 😉 

  16. just pull it out with a leatherman

  17. The easiest way to do this is with a key

  18. Nooooooooooooooo shit

  19. i love the internet. it makes me smarter. for the most part.

  20. there is an easier way to do this. takes 5 seconds go under the little
    piece of metal with a knife or screwdriver and pry it up. No bending little
    tabs back and forth.

  21. I don’t know, I’ve lived with both lighters and matches always available to
    me, I find that child safety lock to be useless… Has anyone really felt
    any safer with one of these around instead of normal lighters in the house?

    ▌ ¬– ▌
    / / 

  23. Dude, I have a compass from my birth year! A real fancy shmancy military
    one with tritium inside for night use. It’s a few months off, but it’s
    still really cool to me. I’m a sentimental sap too. :P

  24. BIC lighters don’t come with a safety here in The Netherlands.. At least
    not that I know of.. But if they ever do come with them, I now know how to
    take it off 🙂 

  25. ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over Youtube
    / so he can take over and take down Google+

  26. Please film story time! :)

  27. Amazing how this country got to where it was WithOut the Gov. trying to
    save us from ourselves. Now that we are so safe, the country is going to

  28. “Won’t someone think about The Children!”

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