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Best Summertime Cigars

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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
pretty.n.inkaz – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana


  1. If you think Arizona is bad dont come to Florida it's never winter here haha and the moisture is ridiculous

  2. Rocky Patel Velvet. I think you both would love this cigar. I prefer the Connecticut wrapper on it. Absolutely delicious and creamy. Perfect summer time cigar! Cheers to the both of you!

  3. I just smoked my first cigar, which was the romeo y Julieta cedro dekux no 2 that was part of your beginner package. I was not a fan of the taste. Can't get the aftertaste out of my mouth either. Guess cigars aren't for me.

  4. It's funny when smoke girls….

  5. Just moved from the central coast where it’s 65° during the summer to more inland where it’s 115° for work, soooo hot! Any recommendations for good summer time cigars?

  6. It’s humid right now it’s in the 90s and they say it feels like 100s we are in heat advisory 😭😂ready for winter again I miss being in the 50s and 60s and sometimes 40-30s it only last maybe a month if it does get that cold😭 lucky your dry heat freaking humid heat makes you feel like your in a sweat filled sauna. Kinda like drowning with out the water 😆

  7. Mint choco chip girl!!!!! Way to go… superb ice cream…

  8. Congrats on 100k! You guys earned it

  9. Many good questions and way too much to say as answers so I will try to make it brief… I live in Quebec, Canada so our winters are pretty cold and our summers hots.
    So now I need to go convert our temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheits. Here winter is around -5 F and sometimes goes down to -25 F so we pretty much do some cocooning, watch movies and go ski… lol Can't really smoke cigars unless you smoke in your house or go to a cigar lounge. During Summer, Temp is around 80 F, but goes up to 94 F… The problem here is that it's never dry heat so It feels like 105 F. Don't know how hot is 120 in dry heat but I am sure it is Extremely hot. Here lots of people have swimming pools and we use it from June to October.
    When it's summer here, everybody goes out to festivals, terrasses and walks on the River front In Old Montreal… The place is so nice. So we can all do outdoor parties and smoke cigars with friends.. Of Course, many people go down south during winter.. To Mexico, The Dominican or Cuba ( yes we were always allowed to go there )
    Keep ut the Good work and nice to get a little less Bradley Testosterone and some nice Dana Estrogen in those reviews… lol 😉
    PS.. Like your Invicta watch.. Got 2 myself… Looks good on "Menly Men" lol

  10. Mint Choc Chip is the BEST!!!!!!! Putting milk in there sounds super weird…but I’ll give it a try…

  11. Anxious to try out my new box of Connecticuts.

  12. When are you guys going to get more stock in? I've had to go to competitors to purchase my acid cigars because you guys almost never Have them in stock:/

  13. Can you guys please do a juul vs cigar

  14. I live in Michigan, it's pretty much winter, false spring, second winter, fall?, third winter, a month of 95 during the day with 95% humidity and 50 at night

  15. Can you try captin black cigars and little cigars

  16. If it’s 110 degrees and I’m a fall guy and Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best

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