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Best of the Best: Nat Sherman Cigars

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Best of the Best: Nat Sherman Cigars.

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  1. NAT SHERMAN cigars are not top quality cigars..they are just branded that
    way.Anyone who thinks thar these are “GREAT” smokes,knows very little about god americans are so uneducated when it comes to fine quality

  2. Cigars south of the boarder are cheaper. damn´╗┐

  3. can we stop with the politically correctness of this day and age and go
    back to common sense times common guys and this is coming from a young 23
    year old man this is what pisses me off about this time in the world you
    cant say merry cristmas in school because it is offence for some reasons to
    middle eastern people if you do not like our customs then get the fuck out
    of our country and i happen to have a few middle eastern friends so you
    cant call me racist

  4. You all are talking race and stupid shit… You never pointed out the dude
    was smoking in a Humidor! .

  5. If I say I hate niggers, but don’t call me racist cause I have a few black
    friends…Yes, that would still make me a racist.

  6. Nat Sherman = American Dream

  7. you might want to listen to what he said again. he did not recommend a 50
    ring gauge. he recommended the largest a person feels comfortable with.
    most people will not feel comfortable with a 50 and he knows it. your
    comment does not address his point either, which is that smaller cigars
    burn hotter and for a new smoker, this may put them off smoking. new
    smokers. not all smokers. new ones.

  8. your comment was totally cigar related

  9. some of those looked pretty ‘ratty’ or dry….

  10. That’s like saying nigger and saying I have black friends. I was born in
    the USA and fall under “middle eastern” I have no idea what you mean about
    can’t say merry Christmas in school because my school always had secret
    santa and more. It’s funny how you say get the fuck out of our country when
    it was never ours anyways. Americans are just migrated British people.

  11. The man looks like Joachim Phoenix

  12. *your

  13. Looking for the Reinado Cigar Empire to make its way to the townhouse

  14. Great video, keep more coming…

  15. mangina much? you fucking homo

  16. Go fuck you’re self.

  17. You are an idiot. Seriously. He just said “New smoker and women like to
    pick daintier cigars” meaning women make the mistake of choosing small
    cigars. Stop being an ignorant asshole.

  18. LOL@ at this guy talking bad about smaller ring gauges….what a
    clown….the Corona is the kink of cigars….Larger ring gauges(50+) are a
    fade that cant go away soon enough…there is no reason to smoke a cigar
    with a ring gauge over 50…I will take a 7×38 Lancero over some godly 60
    ring gauge jaw breaker any day of the week…

  19. What kind of torch is he using

  20. I was thinking forest whitaker.

  21. That makes a strange mix .. Let’s be kind enough to add Bradley Cooper

  22. Translation: Go fuck you are self. You are such a dumbass.

  23. The classiest way of getting cancer

  24. you are such a little bitch

  25. why is it when a man simply tells the truth he is called sexist. How many
    women do u know who enjoy premo fine cigars. i would think that you would
    be reluctant to know that not many do, there are some sure but not many.

  26. “newsmokers and WOMEN” wow sexist much

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