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Beetles in my Humidor !

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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How to get rid of the dreaded Cigar Beetle!

How to get rid of Cigar Beetles in your Humidor

What to do about Cigar Beetles

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  1. They hatch on temperature, not RH.

  2. 70Deg / 70% humidity for proper humidification of cigars. Make sure the temp isn't over 74deg.

  3. Why I don’t take off the wrapper

  4. keep cigars in cello……keeps beetles from spreading

  5. That's tragic, especially for a Cohiba. Never thought collecting cigars would have a downside.

  6. Also tempreture makes them hatch the habanos site says to keep cuban cigarz at 65 degrees also better for aging them too is your humi in direct sunlight could be the problem

  7. Glad you caught it in time. I'd keep a keen eye on them for a few weeks. I had a scare once when I opened my humidor and saw a small (very small) looking beetle crawling around inside. I nabbed it and inspected it as much as I could with 53 year old eyes. Then I took every cigar out and inspected each one carefully. There was no evidence of any damage, so it may not have been one – but scared me.

    I highly doubt the value of my collection is anywhere near yours, but it'd hurt me to the core if I were to get an infestation. I'll do another humidor review oneway and share with you what I have.

    Those Cubans are remarkable. Well done getting your hands on the. I'm curious why your band is upside down on that Cohiba? I've not seen them turned that way before. I was assuming you removed it to inspect the cigar and put it on that way.

    Thanks for sharing this, man.

  8. Beetles can be a bitch…luckily I've never had any problems with my humidors…I had a friend who had quite a few cigars ruined by beetle infestation.

  9. I hate beetles, except the band and VW's.   Love them Cuban Chobias…

  10. New pets! Neat info, I don't really know anything about cigars besides the lousy gas station ones I have had in the past haha.

  11. Hey my good friend, I don't smoke cigars but really enjoyed the tip on the cigar.  Sorry your cigars got messed up!  Back in my younger days I was known to smoke a good cigar every now and then!  Enjoyed the video!  Take Care!

  12. too much maintenance for me lol

  13. Any clue where the beetle went after hatched? or did it just stay in this one cigar?

  14. Hmm I had no idea a out this issue. I have been smoking stoagies for uears and nebrr heard of a cigar beetle. Thanks for the info

  15. Mine is sitting around 65% humidity

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