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Basic Cigar Box Guitar Kit with Detailed Assembly Instructions

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This is the perfect way to build your first cigar box guitar! This kit contains all of the hardware and parts you need to build your Cigar Box Guitar (CBG), except for the 1″ x 2″ x 34″ hardwood neck, which can be easily found at any lumber/hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes. We don’t include a neck because it would significantly increase the shipping costs! This kit includes 1 paper-covered cigar box (a nice good-sized one perfect for a CBG), a 3-string set of Acoustic Medium CBG strings, 3 economy open-gear tuners with bushings and screws, 8 shiny brass box corners with screws, 4 1″ screened brass grommets for use as sound hole inserts, 2 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ threaded rod lengths for use as the nut and bridge, 1 brass tailpiece hinge, and our exclusive 26-page assembly instructions booklet, chock full of detailed, annotated photos and great down-to-earth how-to instructions. The second photo in this listing shows an example of a completed kit. Please note that the copper pipe slide and guitar pick are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included in this kit, nor is the maple neck shown in the picture. Also please note that you may not receive the exact cigar boxes shown in these photos, but you will definitely receive a fine, decorative, paper-covered good-sized box perfect for use as the body of a CBG. The cigar box may be partly constructed from hardboard instead of wood, but don’t worry – hardboard boxes sound great as CBGs! We created our assembly instructions document specifically with the first-time builder in mind; it is chock-full of clear, detailed annotated photos and clear step-by-step how-to information, and will clearly guide you though the process of assembling, stringing and tuning your new CBG. It even has a short section to help get you playing your first tunes on it! Please let us know if you have any questions about this kit and we will do our best to answer them quickly and accurately!

Product Features

  • All hardware you need except the neck
  • Includes tuners, strings, and other hardware
  • 26-page assembly instructions with detailed photos
  • Requires only basic hand or power tools
  • Very affordable, easy way to build a cigar box guitar!

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  1. Eh, it ok. Gonna keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind this kit takes a bit to build. I built mine in about two hours but, I had all the tools needed handy and woodworking expeirience under my belt. Its decent (kinda) quality tuners, cigar box, and hardware. Heres a tip: Instead of putting the middle string tuner inline with the first string tuner put it at the top middle of the guitars head so that the tuner and string are perfectly in the middle of the neck. OH! and buy it directly from C.B. Gitty’s…

  2. This kit is exactly what is described, no false advertisement at all. I am now enjoying my Cigar Box Guitar, a lot. The reason I say it this way is that they provide everything you need for the guitar. However a band saw, jig saw and some speciality drill bits would make this a 1-2 hour project. I have some equipment, but not these pieces and it was more like 8 hours of a project. So buyer beware, you may loose your weekend to this project, but the end result is really fun, and highly…

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