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Badass Humidor and Beverage Cooler

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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The most PERFECT pipe ever. I call it The Sultanelli. If you get it, it will become your favorite. You will not be disappointed:
Here is the link for it:

Half and Half is a classic “old codger blend”. This one just speaks to me, I cant deny.

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  1. Lets hear about your wristwatch! I cant get a good look at it…need a “watch check”….what do you wear?

  2. That would be a great addition to the beginning of my man cave here in Upstate N.Y. Presently I have 3 different small wooden humidors with several different cigars from the Cigarfest in PA. in May. When I come down to see you for my sculpting at the end of Sept. I’ll bring you down a small selection see which ones you like. I’ve grown to like the taste of couple different Alex Bradley and Perdomo. Gonna check the link for the humidor you have.Thanks

  3. Cigars and Yuengling! YES, YES, YES! Wish I lived closer….damn it!

  4. I have this same New Air. Works great!

  5. Very nice "entertainment center"…Diggin'it… BIGTIME!

  6. WHere did you get that awesome Skull decanter?

  7. Yuengling! check out my IG channel @beardedbensbeardbanter. Great room Sultan!

  8. Awesome beverage refrigerator, and i like the humidor. Best wishes. Brian

  9. I love the new space. It’s so homey. Also that humidor is top notch.

  10. I need a hair cut and shave from you some day. A good drink and a good cigar with a shave. My god its heaven

  11. I use Tupperware and a sponge for my cigars. I keep about a two hundred sticks that way,works fine. Very retro.

  12. George, you have my two favorite beverages in that cooler! Yuengling and A&W. Love it!!

  13. oh awesome! I didn't know you were a Pennsylvanian. right on

  14. I have had that Humidor for almost two years now and love it. Holds the humidity and temperature perfectly.

  15. Awesome man wish i was their

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