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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Backwoods honey berry cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Honey berry flavored little cigar Very good cigarillo great flavor and very good body 10/10 overall.


  1. I get these often as well. never had I ever had an issue with them dry.
    Unless you don’t smoke them for a while and keep in the packaging…which
    all I can say is … Duh of course.

  2. Yeah I like these as well… Fairly cheap, cost about $7 here in MA. They
    do look rough as hell but love em… 

  3. I realy like those im getting more next week and black and mild cream

  4. u dont know smoke bro.

  5. you look sort of like Eminem at certain angles (7:08) but good review man
    Il have to try to track these things down here in BC, Canada and give them
    a try you seem to really enjoy them! 

  6. Is it really really good?

  7. great review man

  8. Lmao, dumbasses playing basketball at 11. ahaha

  9. Canada there 12 $

  10. the ones i bought where dry as a mummies dick

  11. believe it or not a pack of these costs almost $12 up here in Toronto,
    Canada. freakin insane!

  12. theyre handrolled

  13. Dan I tried these because of your review and they are very good, haven’t
    heard from ya in a while lol

  14. These are my favorite cigars

  15. be sure to raise your eyebrows like a prick while smelling the cigar,
    otherwise, you look like an ignorant fool.

  16. Exact same video structure as realcigreview

  17. Moscow there 6 $

  18. Thank you! Check out my other videos!

  19. Yeah man they pissed me off lol

  20. When you smoke the cigar the end looks purple lol. awesome.

  21. a pack of this in new york cost you around almost 8.00 dollars 🙁

  22. That sucks! Shitty how prices vary so much from state to state! I take it
    back these cost around $4.00 in Iowa

  23. My favorite! I love this cigar way more than any other that I have tried. I
    picked up another pack of these and after watching this, I am going to go
    enjoy one right now!

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