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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Backwoods Honey Berry cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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A review of one of my favorite cigars! I sure like em! Sorry if the video is a little long, I’ll try and make my videos more interesting. These may be afford…

StogieBoys Premium Cigars


  1. perfect for blunts

  2. I like these little cigars too. They’re perfect for a cold day or a quick
    smoke on the way to the corner store.

    In my opinion, they shouldn’t be reviewed like a premium cigar (eg.
    construction, burn line, and ash color.) They aren’t priced as a premium,
    marketed like a premium, or comparable to a premium. They are in their own

    Smoke what pleases you though.

  3. Lighters are nice, I’ve got a much of Zippos! Although I prefer matches for
    all my cigar and pipe needs.

  4. Half and Half is a great tobacco! Very burley flavor, and it’s perfect for
    mixing with flavored tobaccos. Aromatics have been pretty much all I’ve
    smoked so far. Really been wanting to try an English Blend, though I’ve
    read they can be quite overpowering.

  5. Thats why you invest in a lighter my friend lmao jk but a lighter is nicer
    than matches by far

  6. I always see these online and in magazines and always wanted to try them! I
    may pick a pouch up if I get the chance. At the moment, my go-to cigar is a
    Phillie’s Blunt Chocolate, really great nutty, coffee like flavor and
    aroma. Only thing is though, they tasted pretty bad before I let em sit for
    a couple weeks in a cheap humidor, then the flavor just popped out. Really
    liking them so far. Another cigar I wanna try are Captain Black’s with Pipe
    Tobacco. Seeing as I love regular Captain Black.

  7. Backwoods are a great cheap cigar! Definitely not cheap tasting though, a
    lot like pipe tobacco! If you are going to give them a try I’d suggest
    their “Sweet Aromatic” variety. As the name suggests it’s very sweet and
    has a delightful aroma. In fact, if I smoke those my family will tell me
    I’m smelling good. I do want to get some Captain Black and do a review,
    that would be fun! Another good old standard is Half and Half, I like the
    stuff! Take care! ~Levi

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