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BACKWOODS Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Welcome back to the Cigars of London You-Tube channel.

Today we decided to finally try the backwoods cigars. They come in packs of 5 in a variety of flavours. At £15 per pack, they’re not cheap for what they are…

A short smoke at around 20 minutes with an artificial flavour to the cigar. Its fair to say we didn’t have a whole lot to say about these cigars and both of us were left feeling a little confused, asking ourselves ‘what the point’ in these cigars…

we would love to hear your thoughts on these! Please feel free to leave your comments below 🙂

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  1. Aye what shop did u get these from in London. Good vid btw

  2. The ONLY thing I can say that kept me watching this was, Hazel being here. Such a beautiful person, as for the Backwoods, NASTY AS F*@%! The ONLY thing those are fit for are the rubbish bin and the loser weed smokers who use them for that purpose alone.

  3. Good for those who have a sweet Tooth, Would love to see a Review on Toscano Anticos or Classicos Love them!

  4. Absolutely put weed inside them, awful to smoke without! Split them roll them lick them then light them

  5. I use to smoke these 10 years ago when we went on fishing trips. Ain’t no way in hell im more than 5 bucks a pack though.

  6. Yuck those are for rolling weed.

  7. you are correct. you split the outer leaf and roll a PHAT blunt !

  8. My mom smoked
    these! They definitely are NOT for yall 😃

  9. Great review gang. I don't think I'd like these.

  10. Spot on review.. Not a premium cigar!.. and they sell for around $4 a pack in the states.. gas station crowd..

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