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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Backwoods Black N Sweet Aromatic Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Your awesome Dan, keep up the good work

  2. We want 2 see review after review

  3. By the way love them reviews brother!

  4. We want to see More reviews

  5. Use a match when you light those brother and the flavor is better compared
    to a lighter

  6. We want 

  7. people don’t actually smoke backwoods like they are just for weed right? 

  8. Hell ya more vids man lol

  9. no

  10. keep doin wat ur doin dude

  11. You should do an original Black and Mild review

  12. I love the reviews. I’ve been only smoking cigars and cigarillos for about
    5 months now & I love watching your videos to see what I should try. But
    one review a day!? If you keep that up you’ll run out of cigarettes and
    small cigars and wil have to start doing the full sized cigars! LOL

  13. Nice review again definitely gonna try out some of these back woods you’ve
    been doing you should do a review on the Al Capone’s little cigars i enjoy
    them you will to!

  14. Of course we want more reviews!

  15. 8:34=Priceless, love your vids stay lit!

  16. One vid every other day with the occasional mix up in between

  17. Your videos are just awesome but do black devil.

  18. More videos would be great! I wonder if you could film you buying
    cigs/cigars from your smoke shop. I think that would be interesting on how
    you interact with them. Thanks Dan. 🙂

  19. These for sure! Much more mellow, and have a sweeter flavor

  20. It’s been a dry hot summer so far!

  21. Love the videos man keep em up

  22. Lots of reviews because we all love em!! I honestly haven’t seen a single
    dislike on any videos

  23. Great vid, ill keep my eye out for these

  24. i would support anything you put out ! 🙂 love all your videos

  25. keep on keepin on, dan

  26. Backwoods must have taken your advice on the packaging, because the other
    day I got some to roll a blunt with and the rip line is curved.

  27. These really are great! Thanks for the feedback

  28. Dan, Whats your favorite brand of Cigarette except from Marlboro? Is Camel
    high up on the list? Camels is my favorite Cigarette brand.

  29. I like the camera view you used in your cigarette packing video. I think
    that was the best possible angle.

  30. Dan I gotta say I live ur reviews and ur a hero in my book

  31. I will! Thanks for the suggestion, I think the cheapest I can get are
    either Maverick or USA golds.

  32. I really am lucky! I was surprised when they did!

  33. Yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I watched like five of your reviews, and I found myself watching another
    one the next day so I subscribed. You are great.

  35. QandA ,reviews, and vlogs!!!

  36. More vids man!

  37. Hey Dan you think you could review Maverick Reds I have heard different
    things so I want to hear your opinion hahaha keep up the great review!!

  38. more smoking vids man but spice it up a bit at the same time.

  39. Looks like a drum! Lol

  40. You should do hookah reviews

  41. hey Dan can you give a shoutout to me on your next vid?

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