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Ave Maria Lionheart Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Like jimmy Vann I also want you to do a review on the a m reconquista.
    Thank you.

  2. Does anybody know where i can buy one of these in the UK? Being a
    Englishman that band just looks fantastic to me and is very nostalgic to
    the British Isles. I know a beautiful castle nearby and it would be a
    pleasure to smoke one of these sat on a 800 year old wall.

    And it called “lion heart” which is named after King Richard the 1st of
    England and he was in power around about the same time the castle was
    built, so it would be very emotional and cool.

  3. Welp now I feel like a jackass.

    I’ve been pronouncing it AYv Maria instead of AH-Vey.

  4. Love this cigar. I got a five pack in Charlemagne, and I’ve had two so far;
    it took me 2 1/2 – 3 hours each to smoke Not sure if that’s normal
    or if I was just smoking really slowly, but I loved the flavor. Wish they’d
    last longer! 

  5. i mean Bryan

  6. Great Smoke!!!

  7. I do monthly contests on the main site, yes. Next one is June 1st

  8. Hey Bryan, I’m finding that If I like a cigar, I come to you for your
    reviews. So far I’m batting a thousand but enjoy your eloquent way of
    describing them. I’m looking for your review of the Ave Maria Reconquista.
    I hope you’ve reviewed it. I’ve been in Abu Dhabi for the last 4+ years and
    use your reviews to try new sticks. Are there any special Cubans I should
    try? they’re available here.

  9. your videos are great Brian. i always smoke a cigar while watching.

  10. iv had one of these the first third tasted like a padron 1964 principe to me

  11. Nice review! Do you do Subscriber giveaways?

  12. I have had a couple – you can use the search on my site to look through the

  13. hey brian, i recently smoked a cigar with a slight caramel-chocolate
    flavor, i was wondering if u have tried any cigars with this flavor and
    what their names were?

  14. i do the same thing, im always interested in his opinion. some of the best
    reviews i have ever seen.

  15. Forgot auto correct… one of my “faves” rather

  16. Brian, Have you ever tried the Nub Cameroon? They are one of my favorite
    cigars, would love to see you do a video review on them.

  17. I agree and in 2nd place it would be San Miguel.

  18. GREAT stick. just had one today. i bought a few so the others are going to
    sit in my humidor for as long as i can control myself

  19. Hey Bryan, Yes the bands on these sticks are wonderfull, I think they are
    printed in sweeden or something like that they said, very nice

  20. I smoked 1 last week and was totally disappointed. Then I kit up a second
    after letting it sit in the humidor for a week…HUGE difference. One of my
    new faces now. Learned a valuable lesson: never smoke mail ordered cigars
    the day you receive them. A few days to stabilize makes a world of

  21. still the best reviews on youtube, keep it up bryan, I’ve had a few of
    these and couldn’t have said the review any better

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