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Ave Maria Divinia Cigar Review | LeeMack912 | Cigars International

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Habano Sun Grown wrapper, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan fillers. For $16 this cigar is stomping with the big dogs. Can it keep up or should it have stayed on the porch? LeeMack912 Reviews.

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A divine new blend for the Ave Maria arsenal.

Divinia. Cigar making at its finest. Only by holding one in your hand will you truly appreciate the magnitude of what’s been accomplished. By now, it is no secret that the Ave portfolio is ripe with some of the most enticing blends on the planet. Now, with the release of Ave Maria Divinia, a new standard has been set.

With this offering, a lush, Habano Sun Grown wrapper encases a bold, ultra-refined core of Cuban-seed long-fillers. A Cuban-esque flavor profile dominated by notes of black pepper, cocoa, coffee, earth, and nutty sweetness, is delivered in a silky medium to full-bodied profile. Simply incredible…and stunningly presented in individual coffins.

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  1. Cigar lighters must be adjustable with the fingers. If I have to look for a screw driver it goes to the backup stash. I like the looks of that one you have.

  2. Hey Leeander! Here enjoying a Bolivar on a nice evening in Ireland. Today was a great day! Always follow the dream brother!

  3. Man LeeMack, for $16, I'm going to go buy me a Gurkha abuelo cigar. That was a good cigar.

  4. Leemack912 that's a lie!!! My glass is half empty!!! Especially when I have some good craft brew. I always appreciate a top off. Hahaha

  5. Great 5.00 cigar. Over like 8.00. These aren’t getting done. Imho.

  6. You should review before looking up the price. I feel like you let the price affect the enjoyment.

  7. Im glad youre having a great day man, another great review hope to talk to you soon

  8. Love it leemack. Always straight up.

  9. CI/Famous/etc exclusive… still a good smoke. Also they frequently have them on sale 10 for $40 or you can grab em on cbid for about that much or less. At $16 I'll pass but when I can them on sale I stock up on em.

  10. '71 Bonneville – trunk so big, you could camp in it. I had the '71 MonteCarlo and '73 Camaro.

  11. Dont get me started wit that duce and a quarter pimpn. 225, you took it back playra

  12. I have listened to a lot of motivational speakers…they need a cigar. LeeMack912 the wise one.

  13. See leemack thats y i f with you you down enough to know about pusha but level headed enough to but ppl on game on real life. Positive vibes my man

  14. What you know about Pusha T pops! Keep the videos coming.

  15. I like Ave Maria ….the Immaculata and Divinia are good with my morning coffee. Good review Lee thanks.

  16. Another great video brother have a great day and weekend

  17. Thanks for the honest review Mr. LeeMack. And I hear what you're saying about a lot of expensive cigars that just don't deliver for the price. Crabs in a barrel. I gotta remember that one!

  18. Hope have a great day leemack912

  19. be cool brotha 🙂 check will be in the mail soon

  20. I got a five pack of those of cbid for less than 4 bucks each. It is a good smoke at that price.

  21. Had a feeling u would feel that way about that cigar like i said decent cigr but I'm with you no way 16 bucks lol like i said wouldnt see it no more than 12 bucks but yeap it's hype up by CI because aj was in in it lol but as i said the og Ave Maria blows it out the water and n cost less and is 100 percent aj cigr and u can tell it lol but man i feel u exactly with saying throw a CPL more dollars with it and get me a Ashton ESG hell as u said even a padron and probably enjoy it for the price vs the divinia lol but yeah man is what it's is btw i know a whole lot bout that Bonneville and them deuces lol…peace and love bro but i advise u to pull out the og Ave in ya buddy box and give that a try she definitely does aj justice

  22. Awesome review even better thoughts for a better tomorrow..Thanks brother !

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