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Atomic Lighter Review and Experiment

Posted by in Lighter Review

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How is the As Seen On TV Atomic Lighter for wind resistance and ease of use? Can the Atomic Lighter- when filmed at 120fps give up the secrets of how the cool X of the dual arcs is created? The electricity, and plasma, should flow across the shortest distance but somehow they get it flow diagonally and cross plasma beams. Engineering worth of Geordi La Forge!

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  1. Very interesting! The freeze frame demonstration was especially nifty. (subscribed)

  2. Wow I'm surprised that ones so heavy. Still really cool! I love that it doesn't use fuel. The X is really cool. I like this a lot.

  3. Not a flame, but electric arcs. I watched someone in a review put a thin piece of metal into the arch and got a shock. LOL

  4. I need one of those cute birds, I kept staring at it throughout the video haha!

  5. Out of curiosity I touched the electrodes on mine. Come to find out it pacts a decent punch for a lighter 😅

  6. I have 2 TeslaX Electric Dual Arc lighters and they still are working after 4 years🔥

  7. really wanted to see the last experiment

  8. cool video.i love the commercials for the atomic series..flashlights etc…"you may have a lighter,but can your lighter do this*runs it over with truck*"lol

  9. You just damaged the three year warranty:')

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