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Asylum Ogre Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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This cigar stands out in a crowd with a bright green and chocolate brown barber pole wrapper. Now we’ll see if it can hold it’s own on in terms of flavor and construction in a full review.

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  1. Your audio sounds like your in the shitter.

  2. Great seeing you pumping out videos man!

  3. These are one of my fav’s!!!

  4. I should pick a few of these up. I was able to grab a couple of the Black Irish from RoMa Craft when you had those Tim, but I’m letting them sit for awhile. Nice review!

  5. Enjoyable videos – miss the old pairing but I'm sure these will eventually feel like the norm. You need to work on leveling the audio out between the intro vid and the actual recordings. Keep it up!

  6. Has anybody else said that this would be the shrek cigar?

  7. I really need to try this cigar again. First time it was co cold and dry outside I had problems with the wrapper splitting and unraveling. Started off really well, though.

  8. Great Video! but man the microphone, I can't hear you unless i turn my speaker to super loud….

  9. My last purchase was going to be the Asylum sampler but it was out stock. I guess I will order some singles or 5 pack. Great video Tim.

  10. I've had a few Asylum cigars and they are pretty good. Haven't had this one yet…but I may have to pick one of these up.
    Also Awesome shirt btw!

  11. Hey Tim I subscribed to the channel last night and watched a few videos and this one about the asylum 13 Ogre makes me wonder if my local cigar shop carries them.

  12. I've had 3 sizes of this one so far! I love it! I noticed you smoking it on your proper names video yesterday. I'm gonna have the 8X80 tonight!

  13. Haven't had this one,only the Asylum 13.

  14. Great video as always, going to be enjoying an Alec Bradley Black Market this afternoon.

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