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Ask SF: What’s better – Zippo, Pipe Lighter, or BIC?

Posted by in StogieChat Members

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A question I was asked about which lighter is BETTER among the three types. As always, this is just my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

To get the same lighter insert I use in this video, here’s the link I mentioned:

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  1. I have to go with my Zippos. Love them. My solid brass zippo is already starting to fade and have that worn look to it.

  2. Zippo for out and about for the wind, Peterson pipe lighter or bics (just for novelty with cobs) at home

  3. I never got that fluid flavor cause I don't overfill my zippo

  4. I've been going old school. Wooden matches. Or as we call em in D&D, tinder twigs lol

  5. Under 20 bucks is cheap for a lighter? Considering regular bic lighters are worth less than a buck, I wouldn't call "under 20 bucks" cheap lol.

  6. You can put butane into your zippo

  7. How do you get a Thunderbird insert to fit without the Zippo lid being loose and rattling?

  8. Anyone else hate this guy?

  9. There are two options to help slow down the evaporation process for zippos. First, you can rub some Vaseline on the walls of the insert to fill the gaps. Secondly, you can cut up a piece of bicycle inner tube and place it along the outside of the case. This makes it hold in the fluid, and makes it waterproof.

  10. The Thunderbird can't replicate the zippo insert with its ability to have the flame go straight up so as not to burn the rim of the bown and then be drawn straight down into the bowl to touch only the tobacco. No comparison.

  11. My 3rd Vector works fantastic. Fire is fire no matter.🤐

  12. Great video, thanks! I'd love it if you could demonstrate refilling a Zippo with butane. I bought a Thunderbird insert for mine and have tried refilling it, but hardly any seems to find its way inside the reservoir. Instead, it looks like it's just overflowing the nozzle (and onto my hand).

  13. T-bird all the way. — I also had over-looked the fluid evap. that happens in a traditional Zipp. Thanks for the vid, it was very helpful.

  14. how about normal zippo? not pipe zippo now i'm thiking about starting pipe and I have normal zippo. Is it uncomfortable to smoke a pipe?

  15. Lighter is a lighter ! But my Zippo is style.

  16. I only use Xikar, and that's suppose to be 5x filtered.

  17. I've had 2 Thunderbirds,and still waiting for one to work. I'm sure it's a great lighter but I've had bad luck.

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