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Ask Mr. Milo Presents: How to Smoke a Cigar

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Stanley Zarakov, Cigar Aficionado, provides professional instruction on how to properly light a cigar. Mr. Zarakov is Chair of Tobacco and Smoking Studies at…



  1. How to smoke a cigar on Cybertron

  2. I wish i could smoke with this dude

  3. What a fucking idiot ! You don’t use a cheap ass bic lighter to light a
    cigar. You need a straight flame butane lighter, I always recommend a
    triple flame lighter but a single flame lighter will do the job. You never
    ever use a knife to cut a cigar because you might ruin the wrapper or
    tobacco will be coming out of the cigar. You need a good quality sharp
    cigar cutter. Matches are ok, but I prefer to use long kitchen type of
    matches. This idiot is in a windy environment and a bic lighter or matches
    are very poor choices to use. I’m surprised that he didn’t burn his fingers
    while doing this video. He says don’t remove the band? let me tell you
    something, cigar bands are nice but they are for show. When I’m spending my
    hard earned money on a high end cigar. I’m going to remove that band and
    smoke that bitch to the end until my fingers can’t take the heat anymore.
    If I can ever get my hands on a Cuban cigar, Fuck U.S. law ! Just before
    our Late President Kennedy signed it into law to ban them, He told his
    cabinet member to go to every cigar store in the Washington, D.C. area and
    buy every Cuban cigar he can lay his hands on. I heard he spent almost
    $3,000 dollars and that was a lot of money in the 1960s. Diplomats bring
    in those Cuban cigars into the United states all the time and the fat cats
    on Wall Street smoke them as well.

  4. are you a narrator? :o

  5. This is a great tutorial. This guy knows what he’s doing!

  6. OMG…That’s all…

  7. I cannot find one thing about what this guy did or said that is correct.

  8. yeah I know so do I this guys badass awesome I love cigars

  9. Haha, omg this guy is so awesome :D

  10. If you want to learn how to smoke a cigar, watch a video by Cigar
    Aficionado. This guy has absolutely no clue on how to smoke a cigar.

  11. Oh my god… And not in a good way…

  12. cause it’s closed at the end,. it’s like saying why do you have to remove
    the cap off a bottle before drinking its contents, kinda like that.

  13. Great tips! thanks

  14. ” Chair of Tobacco and Smoking Studies at Ask Mr. Milo University.” You,
    sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  15. cigar aficionado using a bic lighter is like a brain surgeon using a meat

  16. You are like Sir Ian McKellen. Good puffs!

  17. He’s probably just thinking it’s a pyramid. No need to be an ass about it.

  18. there are no rules to smoking a cigar only opinions. it is rolled tobacco
    and can be smoked how ever. sorry, but i hate when people think there is
    only ONE way to do things

  19. Hey mr Milo you are great..I watched your video “how to cut onions”and i
    have to say that you are a real friend is smoking
    onlyncigars and he says tha you are the best!you are very popular in
    greece!why you dont make a video how to clean potatos? Greetings from
    Greece and Serbiaaa

  20. it really doesn’t matter which side you smoke from.

  21. I put the thin end in my mouth and light the wider end. You can do it both
    ways, it’s really just up to your preferences.

  22. very true

  23. no, he’s smoking it right, but that’s about the only thing he did right as
    far as smoking a cigar goes

  24. What brand is he smoking, I know it’s petit Robusto but what brand

  25. i smoke cubans all the time and i always breeth in the smoke…first times
    i did yes i got sick but as it became a habit i find it very relaxing and
    smooth….PS i can smoke cuban in Russia 🙂

  26. I think he may be talking about a torpedo/pyramid – not a petit robusto

  27. Cuban cigars that were imported before the embargo are still legal but are
    rare and extremely expensive to buy

  28. Almost perfect… but it is backward…

  29. very*

  30. cut that thing open and fill it with some proper herbs, marijuana tastes so
    much better and guess what! You don’t get sick when you inhale.

  31. they are only illegal in the usa. thats because of the trade embargo
    kennnedy put in place in the 60s. the stupid country hasn’t lifted the ban
    yet so all cuban products are banned in the usa. american citizens are not
    even allowed to travel to cuba.

  32. “because you do not want to break the law” lol. humorous, informative, and
    enjoyable! Btw, even though youre kinda worried about us breaking the law,
    this video was related to some pretty hardcore weed videos.

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