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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Ashton VSG Belicoso No 1 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Ashton VSG Belicoso No 1 Cigar Review This 5 1/4×52 stick features a very dark chocolate mottled wrapper with an oily glove leather like texture, minimal vei…

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  1. I like the VSG

  2. It shouldnt because you’re not meant to inhale it.

  3. Great review!

  4. They are just dont smoke too many

  5. and it’s also expensive …

  6. There are a lot of guys that can smoke a bunch of great cigars, the
    questions is can they review them as well as Bryan does?

  7. what an amazing review. It left me very satisfied and wanting one.

  8. Great review by a great reviewer!

  9. Nice review.

  10. I’ve smoked them for about a year now off and on, and I have no cravings
    for them or withdrawals when I don’t smoke them. Cigar smoking is more of a
    hobby than an addiction. I think they are also not as risky as cigarettes
    because you don’t inhale the smoke into the lungs.

  11. Cmon Bryan,you”re just doing these reviews so you can smoke all those great

  12. Bryan I have never seen any Ashton VSG go for more than 13$ outside of
    Casinos and some Hotels. I live in Florida as well and can’t imagine why
    you pay so much.

  13. I love this Cigar I pay 12 for mine at my local b&m. Love the rich tobacco
    taste to go along with the creaminess.

  14. one question and i don’t mean to give you this so you would be regret my
    dream is smoking cigar and is smoking cigar additive please answer me

  15. one of my favorite cigars mm…

  16. 3:08 it’s like you trying the ash to fall to your lap haaaah you need a
    plate on your lap

  17. Thanks for the review.

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